Friday, January 22, 2010

A Visit To My Studio

I'm doing some experiments in the studio using Caran D'Ache crayons, acrylic, color-aid paper, pastel, watercolor pencil, lead pencil, and more. Landscape is nudging its way into my art. I think that's interesting. I love looking at landscapes, but have never liked drawing them. I think it is because of the Beautiful Place. To see the Beautiful Place, scroll down to my recent posting, Icy Walk.

I haven't used Caran D'Ache much, but I love their slippery waxy texture, and the way you can use water with them.

These are the lead artist's colored pencils I love to use for drawing portraits.

Here is a commissioned portrait I finished before Christmas. You can click on the title of this post to see my Disguises Project, a series of portraits of children wearing costumes.

There is something so tantalizing about the two layers of colorful watercolor pencils in this set below. I get excited every time I open the black metal box and touch the shiny pencils.

These acrylics are nice and juicy and easy to move around with the brush.

I like way used palettes look. Usually I just use aluminum foil on a dish, just like my grandfather did.

This is the first pastel I have done for about eight years. I have been working with artist's colored pencils all this time with great intensity. As I worked on this painting, I was thinking about seaside landscapes and bioluminescence. I felt very happy. I love pastel. I've missed it.

Here are my wonderful Sennelier soft pastels. If I change my mind about a color I have painted in hard pastel, I can cover it with the buttery Sennelier soft pastels.

I hope this makes you want to get out some art supplies and make something!

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Mousy Brown said...

It does! :)

Chance said...

oh yeah...Sennelier..the cadillac pastel....I love pastels as well. Surely you are a fan of Wolf Kahn?
(commenting under hubby's name..this is Angie from

jane said...

I do! I do want to dig out my art supplies and paint something. Thanks.

Ariella said...

Thanks for the peek. Such inspiration!

FairiesNest said...


Imene said...

You made me miss my art supplies. I didn't paint in years!

Beth said...

Dear Friends,
Thanks for the encouragement! And those of you who have art supplies, get in your studio and make stuff! love, Beth

gardenmama said...

every single photo was more exciting and gorgeous than the last! such beautiful color, simply gorgeous beth! your portrait drawing is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth for the comment about cleaning before creating! I am afraid I'm guilty of that, so now I have a new mantra: create first, clean later! And I am inspired to finish my quilt that I haven't touched in two weeks which is practically finished!