Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Make a Toy Stick Giant

This is a stick giant. I made him in the Fall to be in some stories. He looks scary and strange, but he is friendly and kind.

When my son saw my stick giant, he wanted to make one, too. You need some promising-looking sticks, (I used gnarled sycamore sticks I found on the ground,) a pruning saw, a drill, some sandpaper, and some string or wire to fasten the stick giant together.

My son picked out a stick which seemed to have a face in it. (I can't see the face yet, but that's okay.)

I sawed the body and head segment. Let your child decide how big everything should be. You should just be the assistant. My boy wanted to make sure his stick giant was very tall, much taller than mine.

Here are the pieces: a body/head segment, and then two pieces for each arm and leg.

We drilled holes in the sticks, through the body at the shoulders, through the body at the hips, through the arms at the shoulders and elbows, and through the legs at the hips and knees.

Now sand the cuts. I like to leave the bark on the sticks if possible.

It got dark, so we went inside and my son assembled his stick giant using fine gauge copper wire. I watched. I like for him to figure out how to do things his own way. When I made my stick giant I used embroidery thread. String would also be fine.

In this picture he is threading some wire through an arm, across the body, and into the other arm.

He wanted to attach an eye hook into the top of the head so that he could control his stick giant like a puppet with a long piece of wire.

It came alive in a rather eerie and funny way once he lifted it by the wire on top.

Today we took the stick giants outside. I think I can see a face in his stick giant now!

He climbed a tree and made the stick giants do acrobatics.

This little friend of ours was mesmerized by the two stick giants.

The expression on her face in this picture makes me chuckle. She seems to be thinking, "What is this strange critter?"

If you want to read a story about stick giants, look under Beth's Stories in the column to the right.


The Magic Onions said...

Oooh... K will love making one!
Blessings and magic, Beth.

boatbaby said...

That just rocks! Thanks for the inspiration!

winterpeachblog said...

I love the stick giant! I am thinking my cabin needs one (when it thaws).

softearthart said...

Great stuff Beth, I have 2 boys Ha, ha, (men) who are both married, and when they were young, it was all about "The doing". Not enough "doing" can be done by children. It builds,and links the creative with the practical, the "How to" with the thought of what it may look like, It is all about the "doing" A great idea, cheers Marie

Linda said...

He is lovely Beth!

Beth said...

Thank you for your comments, friends. I hope you will have time to make a little wooden person with your child. Marie...I agree, the doing is so much more important than the result. Children can practice their creativity and ingenuity while using grown-up tools and solving the problems of construction....It makes them feel strong and clever. Love, Beth

Beth said...

Boatbaby....let's see one made from woods from Hawaii! Beth

suzanne said...

Hello Beth

I can see my little man wanting to make one of these . You have such wonderful tutorials Beth. Thank you

Warm regards

Beth said...

Thank you, Suzanne! I hope you are enjoying your blooming summer! Beth

larissa said...

Awesome stick guy! I have two boys that would love to make him. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful space here - i will be visiting often.

a friend to knit with said...

that is totally awesome!!!

Ravenhill said...

This is the most amazing creature! You make the most enchanting things!

Shona Cole said...

Brilliant! this is just the type of idea I need for Spring outdoor fun.


5orangepotatoes said...

Fun! The use of those tools will be a new one for me. Would love to explore the possibilities....

Gea said...

this is bautifull!!

Kimara said...

Absolutely fantastic puppet. And, I love your stick giant and the oak family story. Beautifully told. I'll be linking on Facebook :)