Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make a Simple Snow Globe With Your Child

Because of El Nino, we haven't been having a proper snowy New England winter at all. We made this snow globe on yet another no-snow day.

To make a simple snowglobe, you need a glass jar with a sealing lid, a sprig of evergreen, (for a tree), some glitter, water, and dish soap. Let your child sprinkle glitter into the jar. My child chose to sprinkle purple, blue, and white. For easy glitter clean-up, you can have your child work on a cookie tray.

Cover the bottom of the jar with the glitter. Pour in water to the very brim, add a drop of dish soap, and cover firmly. A few shakes will disperse the dish soap, which will make the glitter break out of clumps and swirl around.

Look, the snow is beginning!

It's turning into a blizzard!

If you and your child gets close to the jar after shaking, you will be carried away into the fantasy of a perfect, beautiful snowy day.

I learned how to make this snow globe from Steven Caney's wonderful book, "Kids' America".


Mama Rainbow said...

Ah,so the magic ingredient is dish soap LOL! We tried this last year but it was a bit of a disappointment. I now know why! Thank you. I think we will making some of these today as *D* has been asking to do this again for a while now.

Love & light xx

Jen from SewnNatural said...

Super idea! I've been meaning to make one of these with my daughter, and now I have this beautiful post to spur me on. Thanks!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

OK Beth, I'll give it a try. I'm trying to figure out how to anchor the "tree" to the bottom. I think I'll do this in those cute round jam jars.


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