Monday, February 15, 2010

Matreshka Dolls

Here's our matreshka doll in a basket in my studio. I let children play with her, so she is frequently missing a generation or two.

I love matreshka dolls so much that I decided to paint some out of gouache. These are originals, not prints. I just put them in my etsy shop.

Matreshka With Orange Scarf

Matreshka With Red Scarf

Royal Blue Matreshka Doll

This last matreshka is made of color-aid paper collage. Color-aid paper is silk-screened in hundreds of luscious colors. I have covered a table in my studio with color-aid paper, and am having some colorful days doing paper collage.


softearthart said...

Hi Beth, Like you say "luscious colors" Just lovely, thanks for re visiting my "Protecting the seeds" picture,the gnomes are certainly busy at this time,preparing. cheers Marie

KeLLy aNN said...

I LoVe these dolls. I've been eyeing the blanks, wanting to get the kids some to paint themselves and give to my mom.
wonderful work!

larissa said...

your work is beautiful! i love the different mediums. growing up we had many of these that we brought from Russia.