Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is Phillipa. She is a 12" doll from my little etsy shop, primroses.

She is on her way to the arms of a little red-headed girl in Texas.

There is another red-headed doll there already, a doll named Baby Xiola which the Mama made. Soon Phillipa will be joining in tea parties, picnics, strolls, toy horse-riding, sofa-climbing, clothes-switching, blanket fort-building, and warm snuggles to come.


Unknown said...

oh and we can't wait! xiola saw me looking at this and said, "that baby would be perfect friends with baby xiola (her doll i made her)." teehee! she's going to be ecstatic when she opens the package and sees phillipa really is going to be part of the family!

thanks so much beth!!!!


Beth said...

Hi, Cat! I just put this posting up and can't believe you already saw your new doll! I priority-mailed her a day or two ago, so unless you live in the hinterlands, you should get her really soon...maybe tomorrow. It usually just takes two or three days. Send pictures of Xiola and the red-headed dolls! love, Beth

FairiesNest said...

What a lucky girl, she's a lovely doll!

Crooked Moon Mama said...

Oh she's just gorgeous...coming from a red-headed family!! :)

Alessandra@ Tribal Times said...

She's just lovely!