Sunday, February 7, 2010


My little boy and I played our own version of tiddlywinks recently using buttons. Tiddlywinks is a game in which you try to shoot "winks" into a pot. Our pot was a little can.

You can make a button shoot if you press down on it with another button. It helps to be on the carpet.

It's harder to get a button into the pot than it looks. It takes practice.

Then we tried to see how far we could shoot the buttons. They can really fly!

Tiddlywinks, a game which has a very complicated set of rules, was popular during the Victorian age. Now some people play tiddlywinks on college teams. Others write books about it. If you would like to learn more, and what squopping and a squidger are, go to The North American Tiddlywinks Association web site at:


Ariella said...

My little boy loves to pay this game!

prettydreamer said...

What fun!!

Gabriele Kubo said...

Hey, my colour friend,
we call this game "Jumping Frogs" in German! Thanks for remembering me on this, its such a fun, isnt it!

larissa said...

love this! then we'd have to draw straws to see who would clean up the buttons!

The Magic Onions said...

Oh YAY! We used to play this as kids... have forgotten all about it... I'll find some old buttons tomorrow and play with K. Thanks for bringing back such fun memories.
Blessings and magic,

gardenmama said...

such fun : )
what is it about the magical draw of buttons!

Phyllis said...

I love this post. We have been trying to learn older games like these. I wiil have to add this to our explorations. We have already done dominoes, hopscotch, jump rope and card games. This will fit in perfectly.

kelly said...

I love this game! We play with old bottle caps too - easier for the small people.

I've noticed your whittling for kids on the sidebar. Off to investigate as I have kids who would love LOVE this.