Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Treasures

I have a wonderful collection of Easter eggs which I bring out each year. Some of them were given to us by a neighbor, like the wooden painted one above. I wish I knew where it came from. Do you know?

I think this gorgeous papier-mache one is from India.

The children and I made the three eggs above by painting beeswax on some blown eggs, dyeing them, and then melting the wax off with a candle.

My husband brought me this treasure above from Poland. It is a real egg decorated with paper cut-outs. Did you know that if you don't blow out a raw egg, it will eventually dry out?

The egg above is a blown egg, and was beautifully painted by my sister-in-law.

These are some more eggs of mysterious origin given to us by a kind neighbor. I love their folkloric colors.

This is one of my most favorite Easter treasures. My daughter made this bowl when she was a little girl. I love it so much I asked her to paint the bowl into a still life I made about ten years ago. Now it holds jelly beans every year at Easter time.


KeLLy aNN said...

What a lovely collection.
The bowl is just awesome too!

boatbaby said...

What a lovely collection of treasures! But yes, I like your daughter's bowl best too!

OmMommy said...

What beautiful treasures. The little bowl is my favorite... what a keepsake. Love & light.

Unknown said...

Beautiful collection!

Transit Antenna Home said...


Ariella said...

ooh! I love the egg decorated with paper from Poland.
Nice collection!

momma rae said...

beautiful treasures! i am so intrigued by the whole not blowing the egg out concept. have you done this before?

Lise said...

What a lovely collection of eggs! And I love your new header.

I have an egg from my childhood that dried out like you describe. It's still fine 30-some-odd years later. Maybe I'll try some like that this year.

Elyse said...

lovely and the items at your etsy shop are adorable!

{popped over from kidoinfo. love the easter egg decoration and had to see more!}


Cheryl said...

Your wooden eggs remind me of the russian eggs we get out each year. If any of them have a tiny cross on its own or a cross inside a circle then they may be examples of eggs that were sold under the counter before glasnost. Just a thought.

Tanya M said...

First of all, I wanted to say how much I LOVE your blog!!! I just found it a few days ago (through searching for gnome's hat) and can't seem to stop reading your posts. Your stories and pictures and crafts are amazing!!! You are awesome!!!
Also I wanted to let you know that the egg in the first picture is from Ukraine. (I'm from Ukraine myself and have a few of similar beauties, too.)
And three whitish wooden eggs with flowery patterns are probably from Russia.
Hope that helps.
Can't wait to read your other posts. Such a pleasure.