Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Dolls

This doll is for Maria's son.

Before I made the doll Maria told me that her boy is "...shy, quiet, and just watches everything and takes it in. He loves to snuggle, hug, and kiss. He loves to be snuggly warm with a hat and a blanket. He is very neat and likes everything to be in its place. He loves cats and dogs. He loves to play with baby dolls and be a very sweet "daddy". He loves to feed the baby dolls and stuffed animals."

This sweet and angelic little doll was made especially for him.

This doll is for Maria's daughter. Maria told me that her daughter "loves to skip, jump, run, dance, sing and pretend to play the violin. She knows exactly what she wants. Very spirited and strong-willed. She is the sweetest girl ever! Very cuddly. Loves to hug!!!! She loves to play and is beautiful inside and outside. She literally looks like an angel. She has very long wavy hair. Big blue eyes. She is extremely outgoing."

This bright little doll was made especially for her.

These dolls belong together with Maria's wonderful family.


softearthart said...

Oh indeed, what a lovely pair of dolls, it reminds me that we are indeed all different with different, temperaments. cheers Marie

prettydreamer said...

oh... Beth ...they are really lovely! Their children will love them dearly!~ Pamela

Honey Pumpkin Mama said...


I was so excited when I saw the dolls all dressed and ready to join our family!!!! They are adorable! My children are going to cherish them. You captured their personalities perfectly. Thank you! Can't wait to see them in person. Love, Maria

Anne said...


Trudy said...

I just love your dolls. They are so sweet.

There have been a couple of changes in the instructions I sent you. To make things easier for everyone since our group has grown so much, instead of having to put all of the links in each post or on your sidebar, I have made a button for the group. Just grab my button and put that in your sidebar.

The other change is that instead of having to post at the end of each week, you may post about your progress any time of the week that is best for you; but do try to post weekly. When posting your progress each week, if you could mention the group and a link to my blog in your posts, that would be great. That way people can go to my blog and see the list of the other participants and click around to see their progress as well.

Please check my blog often for tips, notes of encouragement and exciting news. Coming soon will be a post about a Flickr group for our Mothers' art group and also a giveaway.

And if you could you please send me your email address to sewingwithtrudy at yahoo dot com so that if I want to do a group email, I'll have everyone's address? Thanks so much.

Trudy Callan
Group coordinator for The Artistic Mother Art Group

Tonya Gunn said...

That is so sweet you how you are able to have the recipient in mind as you are making the dolls. What lucky children.
Warm wishes, Tonya

gardenmama said...

your new banner is so interesting, i love the colors. your dolls are amazing, i love how gentle and wholesome they look. a very, very special gift for their new playmates : )

Lissy said...

Beautiful dolls...their faces are exquisite :)