Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think snowdrops are one of the sweetest little flowers of spring. These snowdrops belong to a neighbor. I think I need some.

These curious little red sprouts belong to one of my enormous dicentra plants. The entire garden will be standing in awe of them in a month or so.

Daffodil leaves are such a wonderful, fresh spring green. What a cheerful sight!

Primroses are one of my favorite flowers. Do you see the tiny speck of purple in the center of the lower left one?

Remember the forsythia branches I cut about a week ago? Yellow bells are ringing in our living room now.


Grace said...

Yea! for your forsythia!

Appleshoe said...

Beautiful! I cleared up the yard yesterday and saw the crocus blooming. Mine are white and yellow. Your purple ones on your page header are lovely.

Gabriele Kubo said...

Dear Beth,
your whole blog started to bloom! Beautiful!
How do you call Dicentra in English?
We call them "Traenendes Herz" in German, that means "Weeping Heart". The Japanese though call them "Taitsurisou", which means "The Tai Fishing Grass"! "Tai" is a special roundshaped reddish fish. Oh, these Japanese! Always thinking of food!

Beth, thank you for commenting on my posting about math. I did get some hope that there is a chance for my daughter to grow into somebody as capable as you!

Lise said...

I love your new header! And yes, you definitely need some snowdrops. They're the earliest thing in my garden and they make me so happy when they come up!

Lisa said...

isn't it wonderful to see the first signs of spring?! i always get excited by the new buds and all the birds chirping outside my window in the morning.
your forsythia is just lovely! so cheerful!
happy spring

Tammie Lee said...

I agree snowdrops are sweet as sweet can be!

SF said...

Yay for the sweet little yellow bell flowers!! I'm so glad you put up a photo of them, I was wondering how they were going! xo

prettydreamer said...

Oh hurray, Beth! Your world is changing to many colored world again! How wonderful ~ perhaps we will not be far behind! :) ~love, Pamela