Thursday, April 15, 2010

Annina's House

These pictures are from Annina's house.

The cozy sewing room,

the kitchen after dinner,

the recycling on the sidewalk in the early morning.

This is a house where a family lives, with a pocketbook and a bike in the hallways, crumbs on the kitchen table, all the lights blazing, a laundry basket in the hallway, homework on the desk, and an unmade bed. Can you believe that this is a miniature house? It was made by Annina Gunter. Her blog is called Miniatures by Annina.

She was featured in The New York Times this weekend in an article about miniature house makers. To see more great pictures, go to These pictures make me want to build a miniature house, too.

All the pictures in this post are from The New York Times and Annina's flicker account. Thanks, Annina! I'm fascinated by your miniature world! love, Beth


Ariella said...


Gabriele Kubo said...

For a second, I really believed the sewing room is a real one. Maaa, it IS a real one!
Amazing work.

gardenmama said...

Oh, my Beth!!!
I am enamored with miniature!!!
And miniature houses, *sigh*... I can't wait to see more of her photos, thank you for sharing : )

marpampeano said...

me encanta el trabajo de Annina y, particularmente me entusiasma la idea ya que, como entretenimiento he realizado algunas maquetas de viviendas, además de una casita de muñecas para mi nieta (ahora que estoy jubilado), incluyendo todo el mobiliario. Estoy pensando seriamente en seguir adelante con eso y al ver lo hecho por Annina me siento mas entusiasmado todavía. Felicitaciones.

marcia said...

awesome! It looked sooo cozy and I wanted to visit :)

I love miniatures!
Thanks for sharing this!

PS. I need to email you back!

FairiesNest said...

So cool! I am a big fan of dollhouses of all kinds and have one hanging in my studio so I can play on a moment's notice! :)

softearthart said...

WOW!! I thought "The cosy sewing room" was real, one amazing talented lady cheers Marie

kelly said...

This is so lovely. I want to shrink and go wandering about the house.

Thanks for posting about it.

Appleshoe said...

Oh wow, for a second even I was fooled into thinking it was a people sized house. These are wonderful. Thanks for showing us this.

Beth said...

I am so amazed by Annina's creativity and skill! I'm inspired! Beth