Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Doll for Lola

Cat ordered this special commission doll for her daughter Lola.

She is a 12 inch doll with fair skin and brown hair which hangs loose. This is the first time I have done loose hair. I usually put the hair in braids or ponytails, or sew on a curly top.

I embroidered her bangs so that they wouldn't stick straight out.

The little girl's favorite color is green. I feel this pink and green color combination is so fresh and springy.

Good-bye, little doll! Have a nice trip to Texas! love, Beth

If you like my dolls and would like to try to win one, while helping children in a Haitian orphanage, please read about my doll raffle. Every penny will go to SOS Children's Villages. Click on the link in the right-hand column.


Unknown said...

oh my gosh!! that looks just like her! thank you so much beth. i can't wait to get her and give her to lola. she's going to be so surprised and is going to just love her!

you are the best!


Beth said...

Dear Cat,

Great!!! I'm so happy you like her! She will be in the mail this afternoon. love, Beth

FrontierDreams said...

That DOES look just like her! Beth, she is beautiful.
Cat, she is going to love her!! I want to see pics!

softearthart said...

She sure is a sweetie, cheers Marie

Jen from SewnNatural said...

oh, how sweet :)

thanks for sharing these photos!

Mandy said...

she is soooo cute...very clever!!!xxx

Gabriele Kubo said...

On all your dolls, I like the way you create the hair. It always looks so natural and cute. So like children's hair, always uncombed somewhere, just love it.
Green and pink fits her well!
Admiration from me.

Amanda said...

What a pretty little girl you've made! I love all the special details in her clothes, but I think its her eyes and smile that really warm my heart for her.

Unknown said...

I couldn't resist posting about our new friend..hehe

Lola saw the picture as I was looking at it and said, "Mom! She looks just like me and is going to a girl with my same name!" Haha! I had to tell her and now she's stalking the mailbox...haha you sure have made my girls very happy...thank you so much for your creativity and your flexibility with me..I so appreciate it!


Beth said...

Oh, Cat! Thank you for sharing this story about Lola! Everyone else, thank you for your kind comments and for visiting Acorn Pies today! love, Beth