Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggshell Mosaic

Here is a fun craft you can do to use up dyed egg shells. It is appropriate for almost all ages.

I had some dyed (empty) eggs left over from an Easter project. This toddler had fun smashing the shells.

Then he began to glue pieces of shell onto construction paper. An older child may wish to create a mosaic picture.

The toddler enjoyed placing the pieces of shell where he wanted.

He liked the crunchy sound the shell made when he pushed down on it.

He got to see what it feels like to have sticky glue on your hands. He wasn't sure he liked that sensation, but we told him it was okay, and that we could wash it off later.

He liked squeezing the glue the most, and grimaced like a weight-lifter when he did it.

He worked with great absorption with both his left and right hand.

Try not to direct your child too much when he is creating art. It is not the result which matters to the young child, it is the experience. Making art engages several senses at once: sight, hearing, smell, and touch. That is very important to your child, and much more important than making a recognizable product.

But I am probably preaching to the choir, right?


Grace said...

What a great idea. Thanks - and love that bunny blog header.

FrontierDreams said...

What a cute idea!
And the choir is still listening so preach away!!! :) :)

I loved your Easter story, too btw.

Ariella said...

This is a great idea Beth. Thank you!

Laura said...

Thanks for this! I had made an eggshell mosaic with my oldest child many years ago, but had forgotten all about it. I'm sure my younger children would have fun with this now. And it gives us an excuse to dye more eggs too, which is always fun!

Appleshoe said...

Thank you. I've been trying to think up a way to use dyed egg shells. They are so pretty. I bet my niece would love this.

suzanne said...


A happy Easter to you too. I hope you are well. I am so happy that Spring is in the air for you.

Have a wonderful day Beth
Warm regards

OmMommy said...

Beauty and genius.

Playing by the book said...

ah-ha - we should have done this on Sunday after our egg smashing extravaganza! -

Nadja said...

Love this! A few years ago my daughter and I did something with Easter egg shells. We cut a stiff cross from foam board, painted it black and then did a mosaic design on it. It turned out really nice!

Heather said...

What a wonderful and very sustainable project Beth! This will be a most for all the boys next year.