Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Easter Story

While Big Bunny visited the garden, she wondered about Easter. What was Easter? She knew that today was very special. The family was happy. The children had eaten candy before breakfast. The kitchen smelled like hyacinths and pancakes. Big Bunny had shared a carrot with her hutchmate. After breakfast the family had put on special clothes and shoes which tapped on the kitchen floorboards. The man had pinned a corsage on his wife's spring coat, and the family had rushed out in a big flurry to get to church on time. Later she had heard squeals and laughter while the children hunted Easter eggs in the garden.

Now it was the quiet afternoon and the Easter egg hunt was over. Big Bunny was curious. What was Easter? She hoped to find some of the eggs. Maybe then she would know what Easter was all about. She looked here,

she looked there,

she looked everywhere.

She didn't find any Easter eggs, whatever they were,

but she found forsythia,

she found scilla,

and she found daffodils.

It all looked so good and smelled wonderful. Is that what Easter is? she wondered.

She wasn't ready to go in when she heard the girl calling her.

She hid for a moment, pretending to be a wild bunny.

But the girl called her encouragingly, and Big Bunny pricked up her ears. She couldn't resist that voice.

She hopped home.

The girl held her securely. The bunny's nose wiggled as she smelled the sugary girl. Was Easter the candy, the special breakfast, the pretty clothes? Was Easter the mysterious Easter eggs? Or was it something else, that something else which Big Bunny just barely sensed, the very cause of the whole celebration?

She still didn't know what Easter was, but she felt that it was something very special. It was the excitement in the family. It was the cool fresh air, the green things coming up everywhere in the garden, the flowers, which the people had waited so many months to see, and the feeling of the girl wrapping her arms around Big Bunny, holding her close in such a way that she knew she was loved.

Copyright 2010 Beth Curtin.


Phyllis said...

What a beautiful bunny!

Ariella said...

That bunny is a gorgeous creature! Great photos Beth!

onegoldensun said...

Beautiful story! Your bunny is so sweet! Such wonderful photos. Isn't spring amazing?

Beth said...

Hooray for Spring! I'm so, so happy! I needed this sun and these colors! Thanks for visiting to read about Big Bunny. love, Beth

gardenmama said...

Dear Beth,
Thank you for always sharing such creativity and love in this space, I look forward to sharing this with my children : )

River Sanctuary: Marykaye said...

Lovely post (as usual). Such a beautiful bunny header picture!

Laura said...

Oh, how sweet! Thank you for such a lovely post.

Amanda said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I love this!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Please whisper into the bunny's big, soft ears, that Easter is ALL of those things.

I LOVE this story. I love the photos, I love the shot of the bunny hopping out of the frame.

I am going to show this and read this to my granddaughter Sara May. She will love it too.

Thanks dear Beth.


Beth said...

Thank you everyone! I'm so happy you like my story! Sharon and Nicole, thank you for sharing it with your grandchild/children! love, Beth

Gabriele Kubo said...

Oh Beth, what a beauty!!!
The most beautiful rabbit eyes I ever saw! Is it your rabbit??
Will read your story to Katarina, she adores animals.
Thank you.

Beth said...

Hi, Gabriele,

Big Bunny isn't ours but belongs to a neighbor. I can't believe her eyes either, especially in the picture captioned "and everywhere." Bambi eyes! Thank you for sharing the story with your daughter. love, Beth

Unknown said...

the sweetest bunny!

marcia said...

I just LOVE your story Beth! Precious!
Your bunny is similar in color to our dwarf bunny and we all have made a point to give him some extra tenderness each day :)


Beth said...

Marcia, it sounds like you have a very lucky and well-loved bunny. love, Beth