Monday, May 17, 2010

Dolls for a Brother and Sister

Here are 16 inch dolls Leslie ordered for her little boy and girl.

She wanted each doll to have golden skin, blue eyes, and butterscotch hair.

Her boy likes orange, so I made his doll an orange shirt. I gave him wool plaid pants.

Her girl likes blue and green. I made the girl doll a combination of blue clothes: blue checked apron, a floral dress, and sky blue and white striped pantaloons. I love to mix patterns.

The girl has green bows in her hair and matching green ribbons for ties on her apron.

The dolls' clothes fasten with velcro. I don't really like how velcro looks, and it is hard to sew it neatly, but it is best and easiest and safest for the youngest children.

The boy's hair is embroidered. This takes a long time to do. I work patiently, and I try to make it look tufty and natural.

The girl has a curl all around her head and some fluffy ponytails which are sewn in.

When I do boy hair, I suggest ears with the stitching. This time I decided to add a little blush to the ears. I usually make caucasian children's ears pink when I draw portraits. This boy also has a cowlick! I think that is realistic, too!

I'm going to show you some of my portraits, soon, on my new website, as soon as I resolve some Wordpress glitches!


Ariella said...

I love your dolls Beth. So wonderful!

angelina said...

when making my dolls, i try to do knee and elbow indentions with a stitch or two, and a nose, and i have thought of ears, i like the way you do it! great job on the boy::: i love his up and down hair line, it looks so natural. and his little crooked smile..

angelina said...

i just typed a big long comment, and think i deleted it..i love the boy dolls hairline. love the ear idea. xx (( any ideas on how to do a bellybutton?))

marcia said...

Beautiful work Beth. When will you make more? I want a couple dolls the fall if you will have any available.

happy day!

Beth said...

Thanks for your nice comments, everyone. I'm going to have to go see your dolls, Angelina. They sound like they have wonderful details. I think I would make a bellybutton with tiny stitches in a swirl if I made one. Marcia! I can do your dolls starting when my boy goes back to school early in September. Great! I'm looking forward to it. But this summer, my boy and I are going to play! love, Beth

Grace said...

These are wonderful. I LOVE when boys play with dolls and am always shocked when some parents don't want them to.

Lesli Peterson said...

These newest dolls are so precious. I can't wait to get my son's doll. Your work amazes me at every post I read.

softearthart said...

Just beautiful as always, I made a doll for my boy and I still have it in my top cupboard, he is 30 now, it is looking a bit tatty. cheers Marie

ChristineMM said...

Awesome job!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Beth dear,

They are so charming and I know that they'll make their new home a better place.

Sending love,