Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A little girl named Katarina loves a book about a girl named Dot-Chan. Dot-Chan loves dots on her dress....

When she waters the garden, the drops of water look like dots.

Mama's store has dots in jars, on plates, and on mugs.

Dot-Chan's whole village is dotty!

Gabriele asked me to make her daughter Katarina a doll inspired by Dot-Chan.

Here she is....Dot-Chan. Can you believe I couldn't find any red fabric with dots on it? No indeed! I found purple with lavender dots, royal blue with white dots, white with aqua dots, and all these dotty fabrics seemed garish to me. Gabriele has some red fabric with pale gray dots, so she is going to make a dress for the doll. I made the doll a dress using cotton with golden flower dots and a little golden button and tied some golden bows in Dot-Chan's hair.

Here she is resting in the patch of Blue-eyed Mary which I have in my garden.

She has light brown hair and peach skin and an inquiring expression.

Her arms are open wide, ready to give Katarina a big hug on her birthday. Gabriele, is it going to be a surprise?

Dot-Chan has a long trip ahead of her, all the way to Japan. Good-bye, Dot-Chan!


Jessica said...


She is just dear!

You know what? Today I noticed I have a cowlick.

At this point, my newly acquired hair makes me favor Benjamin's sweet little pirate friend--and it's not so bad! :)


Sharon Lovejoy said...


You are some special and creative woman.

Love Dot,


gardenmama said...

Oh, she is absolutely stunning Beth! And what a sweet book!

softearthart said...

She is just lovely, you are a clever sewer. cheers Marie

Gabriele Kubo said...

Dear Beth,

she is LOVELY!!!!
We are waiting here for her on the other side of the ocean, it feels like getting one more baby!!

Beth, you are just wonderful!


marcia said...


happy day!

Gabriele Kubo said...

Dear Beth,

dear Dot arrived safely today and she looks beautiful!!! Her face is so so sweet!! Exactly what I was hoping for!!
You wont believe it, but I sat there with her and started to open her dress and close it again, then opened the ribbon and beaded her hair, turning her around and around, admiring her cute pants, simply said: I played with her!!!!!
That felt good!
Aaaa, doll playing, how much fun this is!

Just for letting you know, she arrived and I am so grateful that everything worked out thanks to YOU!