Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I picked this first salad of the spring today from our community garden. I put the leaves in a bowl I like and admired the colors and forms. I began to think about green and how much I love it.

Look at these raspberry leaves. All of the leaves on the raspberry were new this spring, but the ones at the top are yellower, like new leaves all over the garden.

This is the new growth on the hemlock tree. Isn't that pretty? It is wonderful to look up at the tall tree and see it spangled all over with these tender little brushes.

Maple keys are veined and translucent, like fairy wings would be.

Look at these fresh tender holly leaves tinged with burgundy.

A housefly is admiring my special chartreuse dicentra.

I can see layers of green from my kitchen sink. I'm tired at the end of the day when I make dinner, and this is a restful sight.

I find oak leaf hydrangea very beautiful, spring, summer, and fall.

I will never tire of hosta and its many beautiful patterns and forms.

Green, I love you. I waited all winter for you, and now that you are here, I feel green too, alive and growing.


Grace said...

Yes! Hello, green!

Ariella said...

That is some gorgeous green!

Linda said...

Such a beautiful colour Beth, real food for the eyes and the soul...

Gabriele Kubo said...

you should co-write my color book with me!!!
Do you know that there is a Scandinavian Colour System called NCS ( Natural Color System) and it is the only systematic system for colors which puts Green as a 4th foundamental color? Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. Horray, I thought......

another green lover

Amanda said...

Green is one of the best colors! I love how many infinite shades you can find just by looking in one space. One patch of grass, one group of trees. Green is magic!

softearthart said...

I love green too, cheers Marie

marcia said...

Greens. . .soothing sights that rejuvenate and comfort me and bring me even closer to the wonders of nature.

Beautiful pictures!

happy day!

nocton4 said...

love love love green, picked third salad crop this week from the garden, fantastic.
happy weekend

Appleshoe said...

Hooray! A blog about my favorite color!! Absolutely lovely pictures... Like always :)

ChristineMM said...

I took photos of 4 of the same plants in my yard in the last week too. Love that others are appreciating and seeing the same beauty I am. :)