Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother/Daughter Quilt Project

My daughter is home from college for a few weeks and has been working on her crazy log cabin quilt in the studio recently. She is adding squares to the pile I had made earlier this year.

Here is a jumble of the wonderful colors she has been working with. Some of the fabrics are from favorite old pieces of clothing, like my aqua plaid shorts on the left. We even have some scraps of things I sewed her when she was a little girl!

If you have been following this blog for a little while, then you have seen a posting on how to do crazy log cabin quilting. Just click on the title of this post for more instructions.

I asked her how she picked the sequence of colors, and she said she was using a balance of cool and warm colors.

I love her lively color work, and the proportions of the shapes she is using. I also like the way the square in the middle is off-center. I think the finished quilt is going to have energy and movement. We are going to back it with minky, do a combination of hand and machine sewing, and try to finish it before she goes back to school to do research this summer!

I love having my daughter in the studio with me. How very, very lucky I am!


marcia said...

LOVE the colors!

Isn't it great to create with our daughters?

happy day!

mamas collection said...

Absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait to see the finished project! I agree; working with our adult children in our studios is a wondrous thing! Have fun!!

Amanda said...

Beautiful square. Beautiful moment! To be able to share crafting with your adult daughter. To share vintage fabrics that hold separate memories for the both of you. That must be very special!

momma rae said...

this is truly hearwarming!! my daughter is six and we love to craft together. i hope we can hold onto that and be making a quilt together by the time she is in college. how special!!

softearthart said...

Oh how lucky you are, I love having my daughter home too, they are such sweeties, cheers Marie

CAM said...

How gorgeous, I love that crazy angle- mind you my attempts at normal patchwork end up crazy accidentally! How truly awesome you are such good friends with your daughter too.

Ariella said...

just beautiful! how wonderful to create something with your daughter :)

Beth said...

We started making things together when she was little. Learning to really collaborate was a wonderful thing for me to learn as a young mother. She inspires my own creativity. I love when we have time to go to the studio and work together. How could I be so lucky? Beth

Gabriele Kubo said...

Dear Beth,
your happiness radiates through your post. You are just a very very good mum and you deserve to collect your fruits!
Love the quilt.
Did you recognize that your beautiful daughter wears exactly the same blue and orange as the quilt?