Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Message

My mother holding her newest grandchild.

Today I celebrate my mother, who taught me all about love. She taught me to treasure my children, to snuggle and hold them close, to let them grow and stretch and try things for themselves, to celebrate their individuality and their gifts, and to encourage them towards independence with loving guidance and with pride. My children are 23, 19, and 8. I am proud of each one, and I adore them all. Thank you, Mama, I love you.

Love begets love, doesn't it? So that is why today I want to encourage each of you to see if you can take some of the love spilling over in your heart and use it to help a foster child. Can you foster or adopt a child or some children who need you? Our country has around 500,000 children in foster care. Around 100,000 are waiting to be adopted. Can you help one of these children? If you can't adopt or foster, perhaps you can help out in another way by volunteering to help waiting children in your community. A good place to start is

Happy Mother's Day, my friends! much love from Beth


Ariella said...

Beautiful post Beth! My mom too, taught me to love and to this day i feel my capacity to love is my best quality. Thanks mama!

I have always wanted to adopt/foster---not quite sure what i am waiting for--- I suppose I'll know when the time is right.

Happy mother's day!

softearthart said...

What a lovely Mother and so wonderful that she gave you love, so that you can love. cheers Marie

Grace said...

A loving and patient mother is life's best gift.

Wonderful post.

Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day dear Beth!

Appleshoe said...

"Always graceful in thought and deed". I'm sure that should have been in there just from what little I know of you :) Take care Beth. I hope you are feeling better.

Jessica said...

What a sweet mama you have--love the photograph! Hope you had a wonderful day on Sunday! :)