Friday, May 14, 2010

A Visit to Sturbridge Village

We visited Sturbridge Village, a living history museum where you can learn about life in the nineteenth century, a few months ago. Look how nature is wearing its tawny colors in these pictures. Can you believe how green everything has gotten since then? (Scroll down to see my posting about green for some contrast!)

This kind of fencing was necessary in rocky places. I have also seen it along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia's mountains.

The men below used oxen to haul lumber for building a new fence.

This girl's tartan dress is very pretty. I like the ruffle in her bonnet, too.

Look at the clever way people could make a gate shut itself.

In Colonial Williamsburg, people used cannonballs for the same purpose.

It is fascinating to meet the people who work at living history museums. This cobbler was not only extremely knowledgeable about history, but very kindly and wise, too.

This tinsmith is soldering a cup.

I loved this collection of tin lanterns in his shop. Last winter I published a tutorial about how to make a simple tin lantern. You can find a link for it in the right hand column.

This little nutmeg grater might be the best thing I saw that day.

Here is another man, a potter, who exuded an air of wisdom and peace.

Here are some interior scenes.

One of the ways women and their daughters could earn money was by plaiting fiber for making bonnets.

Whenever I see washbasins, buckets, and chamberpots, I think about how much time people had to spend toting clean water and slops.

There was fresh cake in the farmhouse kitchen, baked on the hearth. I want to learn how to do that! I was very tempted by the tin reflector oven in the gift shop!

Look at the beautiful cheeses in the pantry!

This bucket is full of tools for dish washing.

When we heard that dish washing was the next chore coming up in the farmhouse kitchen, we skedaddled. I do enough of that at home!

This lamb was having a nice sunbath until

this calf came and chased him away.

The funny calf made us laugh!

Our dog had just died the day before, and I was thinking about him as the children petted the calf's soft coat.

This old ewe likes to be scratched.

I can't wait to visit again in the summer!


Anonymous said...

¡que belleza!

marcia said...

Wonderful post! Loved the animals and the rooster...what brilliant colors!

I am embarrassed to say we have never been there and it's not that far away. Perhaps a nice trip this summer or in September.

Beth,I am sorry about your dog.


momma rae said...

looks like so much fun! i would love to visit a place like this with the kids.

so sorry about your dog! sending you lots of hugs....

Nadja said...

A wonderful post! I really enjoyed your photos and commentary. What a great place to visit.

suzanne said...

Dear Beth

I feel like a long lost blogging I have enjoyed my visit early this morning. I could not sleep and have had the joy of reading blogs. It is always such a treat to visit here. I think you have the most interesting posts and I love to make all your tutorials. I have my eye on the nine man morris. I share your facination with period history. I can spend hours browsing old days gone by. I think it is because I so long to have it all back.

I hope you and your family are well Beth.

Ps..your greeny salad looks yummy!

Have a happy weekend

Unknown said...

I love all these photos. In Toronto (Canada) they have a place called "Pioneer Village" that is very similar. I used to love going there with my family. Such a great day. xo m.

SF said...

So, so beautiful Beth!!! Just makes me wish I lived there so we could go visit! :)

TwigandToadstool said...

I have to would be my dream job to work in one of those mock pioneer villages. Beautiful pictures...I feel like I was there tagging along!!

Happy weekend!

Beth said...

I think I would enjoy working in a living history museum, too! I love to learn how people did things and I love to teach, especially handcrafts. Last year I demonstrated hand spinning (with a drop spindle) at a colonial fair. I had so much fun showing children how to do it! (And I would love an excuse to wear a costume, too!) love, Beth

Phyllis said...

Wow, what a lovely day. You really made me feel I was there. Wonderful post. Thanks for taking the time to share your day with us.

Tonya Gunn said...

Oh Beth, do you live in New England then? We lived just 45 minutes from Old Sturbridge Village when we lived in Massachusetts - one of my favorite places to visit. Your pictures are great.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Holly said...

OSV is one of my favorite places in New England. Such a serene, beautiful setting. We live only about an hour away, and my parents have a lake house that's about 10 minutes away. We visit the Village a few times a year, and have a membership.

Oh, yes, and my husband and I were married there too. :) So it's got a lot of good memories for us too!

Ariad said...

What a great place to visit!

kat said...

i love the photos. it looks like you had a wonderful time.

softearthart said...

I love the olden days, I reckon I could easily fit in to that way of life. cheers Marie

Beth said...

Marie: I'll bet you would fit in fine!

Holly: What a wonderful place to have a wedding!

I wish we lived closer and could go more often. love, Beth

FrontierDreams said...

That looks like heaven to me! We used to spend a lot of time in Williamsburg when we lived in VA, stealing bitsof inspirationhere and there.

Salley Mavor said...

You have enough wonderful photographs for a coffee table book about Sturbridge Village. Beautiful work!

ChristineMM said...

Best blog post of a visit to Sturbridge I've ever seen and high quality photos, wow!

I've not been since I was 5 which is ridiculous since I live not far and homeschool my kids. Shame on me. LOL

Appleshoe said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It's always hard to say good bye. I want to give you a long distance *HUG*. Sturbridge Village reminds me of the Oliver H. Kelley Homestead‎ which is not to far from where I grew up.

Unknown said...

This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love all the animals.