Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cigar Box Collage

My daughter is home from college and we had some fun doing this project together. I have a collection of cigar boxes left over from a project we did with some foster children in our community. Each child decorated his own cigar box using magazine clippings applied with a glue stick. I then took the boxes outside and sprayed on some gloss fixative. A wonderful art teacher, Ms Bobbie, suggested this way of working. It was a lot easier and neater than using Mod Podge, our usual way of doing collage, and a sticky mess!

I loved seeing how differently my daughter and I approached the project. I decided to work abstractly, cutting and tearing primary colored shapes.

This is the inside of the box below. I had so much fun playing with these shapes and colors that I decided I will keep doing this all summer when I won't be able to go to the studio. I can easily work on this while my boy is busy in the pool! It's a great portable project. Wheeeeeee!

My daughter is a masterful collage artist. Look at the way she combines cool colors with charcoal gray, and the interesting juxtaposition of angles and curves below. The interest continues on the edges with beautiful combinations of patterns and color.

This project is appropriate for all ages, but shoo the children away when using the fixative, which should be applied outside by an adult. Have fun!


Lisa said...

I love how they turned out!!! We did this when I was in preschool. My mom still has the one I made for her.
have a great week

Amanda said...

Your daughter's box is beautiful, young, and fresh. Your box seems like it will fit in perfectly in your ultra colorful studio! What a great project!

softearthart said...

Just lovely, a fun project. cheers Marie

Ariella said...

cigar boxes are so awesome for projects. I love this, the colors are great!

Debra said...

I will be doing a collage box project with children at the Ogden Arts Festival on June 12th. We are using all sizes of boxes that our members (at the Eccles Community Art Center) have collected. It will be interesting to see what the children do.

Your boxes are handsome!

Beth said...

Cigar boxes are amazing. You can get them free or for a small amount of money at tobacconists, and many of them are beautifully constructed, like tiny pieces of furniture. Have fun trying this project! love, Beth

marcia said...

I love the art boxes!

We have a tall stack of plain brown cigar boxes....just waiting for us. I can't bring myself to cover over the fancy decorated ones.

We often use Liquitex gel medium in our collages.

happy day!