Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sawtooth City Ghost Town

We drove out on a long dirt road on our last day in Idaho to see Sawtooth City. Here we explored many tumbledown houses dating back to the 1800's, when 600 people lived here mining gold.

This used to be a chimney.

Some of the logs used to build the cabins were sawn, and some were chopped with an ax.

Here's a window.

We looked at a log which someone had roughly planed with an ax.

Next to the stream we found some trees which had been felled by beavers.

This house was in a beautiful green meadow next to a stream. We had fun exploring this large and tumble-down old ghost town, where we found many china shards, rusty tin cans, and pieces of broken glass. We left everything where it was for other people to look at.

I hope we get to explore more of the West some day.

I haven't been here much on Acorn Pies recently! My child and I are busy doing summery things together each day. But one day soon, I hope, I will return to share more fun making things and exploring nature on a regular basis ! In the meantime, I will try to post a photo a day to keep Acorn Pies a place worth visiting!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! There is nothing better than finding a long abandoned place & imagining what life must have been like for those that lived there.

softearthart said...

Great shots, cheers Marie

for love of my oceans said...

I saw ghost towns like this in Colorado, they are soo neat. Thanks for sharing!

Bending Birches said...

you are a beautiful inspiration....your blog is such a comfy, cozy place to be:) thank you for all you do:)