Thursday, June 17, 2010


I hummed patriotic songs as we drove up the Galena Pass. It is so beautiful here.

My husband and son threw snowballs when we got to the top. Remember, this is June!

A man was hunting geodes on the mountain. He was protective of his special treasure spot, and scared us away with his big wolf-like dog. That was creepy.

I love the drama of the rocks and dry wood.

This is the sagebrush below. It smells wonderful when you brush against it.

We explored part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area another day. These hills are full of stories, of American Indians, pioneers, gold prospectors, trappers, cowboys, and ranchers.

We found an old mine after following an old road into the hills.

We peeked inside. There was a gate to keep people out.

When we climbed back down,

we saw wild forget-me-not.

Frenchman's Warm Spring was flooded by the icy river high with melted snow.

It is so beautiful here, even on a day when rain threatened.


5orangepotatoes said...

Ok, I'm a little creeped out by the man with the wolf-like dog. ;) What a beautiful place and snowballs in June is just crazy.


Gabriele Kubo said...

Dear Beth,

I can see you are in similar places like me! Green and wide, but cold and wild! But you beat me with SNOW in JUNE!!!
Love all your flower pictures and wild wood pictures!


marcia said...

Ohh so beautiful Beth...(except the creepy man hehehe). Love the pictures.. enJOY your journey!

happy day happy solstice!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shots. How lucky to be immersed in such natural wonder. xo m.

Kelly said...

Such a beautiful place to explore and enjoy.

jeanene said...

The scenery is so beautiful. The air looks so cool and fresh.