Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make a Pea Shooter!

A couple of weeks ago we pulled the pea plants out of the vegetable garden. They were rattling with dried peas in their pods, excellent pea shooter ammunition.

Shell your ammunition. Load your shooter, made of a roll of paper taped shut.

Take a deep breath and blow! How far can you shoot it? Can you hit a target? Never aim at any living thing! Have fun!


Phyllis said...

What kind of paper do you use? I have never made one, but my boys would love it, I am sure.

Beth said...

Dear Phyllis,

We used a piece of brown grocery bag. Any paper would be fine, as long as it is supple enough to be rolled tightly. This is an ephemeral toy. It gets soggy soon, and then yu just make another one. Have fun! love, Beth

Unknown said...

I remember doing that in school, with a pen and tissue paper. One day I hit my teacher right in the middle of his glasses and burst out laughing,, well i spent the rest of the class outside. It was funny!

All children enjoy doing it.

Lovely portraits.

I'm sure my husband would be familar with the babapapa books,, my children had babapapa for the first time when we went to France last year!

Appleshoe said...

Smiles* This brings back memories.