Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love peaches but it's hard to find a good one in New England, so last year I planted a saturn peach tree.

The peaches were all that a peach should be, juicy and sweet, the taste of summer.


prettydreamer said...

Oh Beth! ... That is wonderful ... peaches are definitely one of my absolute favorites ... what variety grows well in our parts of New England ? Happy eating! ~Pamela

Beth said...

Hi, Pamela,
Thanks for your comment....I went back into my post to tell what kind of peach tree I planted! love, Beth

marcia said...

Hi Beth!

Yummy! and a precious picture!

I awarded you a Verstaile Blogger award. It is your choice whether to play or not, but I still wanted to include you in the blogs that most inspire me and that I want to share with others.

happy day!

softearthart said...

Hi Beth, I remember 50 years ago, my family having an old peach tree in our garden, it was Delicious, the juice would run down your chin, cheers Marie

Cammie said...

Am I going to miss them all or might a few still be left when I come home...? I hope so!

Beth said...

My darling Cammie,

Someone stole all of the peaches except for the first batch I picked. It was so disappointing. Nicholas and I were looking forward to picking some for him to take home. And it's creepy that someone came in our back yard and did that. Sad. love, Mommy

nocton4 said...

yum x