Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color Feast

I have been playing with crochet a little bit off and on over the past few years. I usually knit. But a year of following the blog Attic 24 made me decide to take the plunge and start making something.

I brought this collage box I made with me to the yarn store to give me color inspiration. I envisioned making a cozy throw blanket to cuddle on the sofa.

We all love strong color at our house, especially primary colors.

The next few things were made by my youngest son and show how the color and pattern enthusiasm is percolating down to the next generation.

And now some more of the colors in our house, in the things we make and in the things we like. This is part of my wall painting in the kitchen...

and this is a piece of art I made using water-soluble crayons and water color paint.

This lampshade is by Altamira.

These glasses are from a local glass blower: Pean Doubulyu.

This pennant is by Kreatelier.

But while I was at the yarn shop, I veered away from my house colors. I think I was most influenced by what I was wearing.

I think I may end up making a granny square coat.

Will the bright orange get edited out? I'm not sure about the red, either, but I think I need it for a little color jolt.

It feels good, after our wonderful summer, to be playing with color again. Next week I will be back in the studio. I can't wait!


CAM said...

I do love how bright your house is and that you are brave enough to bring all those colours together...I'm always inspired when my four year old answers the always asked question "what is your favourite colour?" with "orange and blue...and green, mostly orange....actually I just love rainbow." Why choose right? lol

Amanda said...

Love the color, love the art... and I LOVE your toe nails to finish it up! Are those polka dots?

KeLLy aNN said...

Nice! I've always loved bright colors for Autumn.

acte gratuit said...

I love all of these colors! I want to make that garland and hang it in my house!!!
(If only I actually would!)

Moogie said...

Love, love, LOVE all the colours! You have brightened up a dull Sunday afternoon here in England :o)

FairiesNest said...

Wow I love the bright colors here, definitely an electric color jolt!

Beth said...

Thanks, everybody!!! Yes, those are polka dot toenails painted by my thirteen year old niece. love, Beth

Sharon Lovejoy said...


I LOVE the colors, the fish, the pennants, so many things tickle me.

I have a different primary color on each toe (always in seasonal colors). When I do school visits the kids are intrigued and happy about that. I guess it is one way I let them know it is good to be different or eccentric.

Love and happy weekend,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Beth said...

Sharon, I was looking at my royal blue toenails after church today and thinking, should a woman my age have toenails that color? I like hearing that yours are all different colors. Maybe I will keep all the crazy colors I just bought instead of giving them to my sixth grade neighbor! Sharon, it is always so great to hear from you! love, Beth

Unknown said...

Great colors for the yarn. I think I am going to start crocheting a blanket out of all my leftover yarn. it will look a bit crazy but feel good this winter.

Beth said...

Diane! I would love to see your blanket! Beth