Monday, September 6, 2010


We had a great walk with some good friends yesterday on an old train track bed which has been made into a bike path. Part of the path goes between an old canal and a river.

We spotted water rats, mallard ducks, sunning turtles, fish, insects, and lots of seeding plants.

Boxelder bug labor day picnic on a milkweed pod

Milkweed down


Fox grapes

Purple loosestrife and jewelweed


The children played a fun game, trying to sink leaf boats with rocks.

When I see sunshine sparkling on water my heart soars. Glory, glory day!


Lisa said...

what a lovely day! sunshine sparkling on the water is magical!!
have a great week

Bending Birches said...


Moogie said...

Gorgeous pics! Those insects are beautiful.

Jorgelina said...

what a lovely day!

Amanda said...

I grew up on a river, and among rivers yet I have never seen a river rat. In my mind they look like ROUSes (Rodents Of Unusual Size) But I am pretty sure that's just a mixture of imagination and anticipation.

Those Boxelder bugs are gorgeous!


softearthart said...

Water is rather magical, cheers Marie

Beth said...

I love to be near a river. My father grew up in a wonderful house on the James River. We moved there when I was nearly grown, and it was very special. There was something especially wonderful about it at night, that silent, dark, moving water, sometimes reflecting moonlight. I love the smell of the river, too. And as for water rats, whenever I see a water rat I think of Ratty in the Wind and the Willows, and the first time Mole saw him. love, Beth

Annie said...

Hi beth!!
Great pictures that you took!
See you soon.
Love Annie