Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crazy Quilting

My daughter and I have been making her a crazy quilt, very slowly. She sweetly asked me to try to finish it this Fall. Since she is going to be home from college for Fall break this weekend, I realized I had better get a move on! Yesterday, I saw that I had enough squares to make a good sized throw quilt.

I laid the squares randomly on top of my husband's flannel throw quilt just to be sure. This afternoon I'm going to shop for some blue fabric the color of the background in the central squares. It's hard to find. It is a slightly pinkish blue. I'm going to back it with minky, like my husband's quilt. It is really hard to share a quilt which has minky on the back. Everyone wants it for himself!

So, I'm sending you more color cheer!


FairiesNest said...

It's going to be beautiful, so bright and cheery!

marcia said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My kind of colors for sure!!!

I've been dying to start a new wallhanging..grandmothers flower garden pattern..with random wild and bright colors throughout.
You have inspired me yet again :)

(and truth be told, I had to look up "minky" <> )

happy day!

Cal said...

Love the bright color!

Beth said...

Thank you, color buddies, Fairies Nest, Marcia, and Cal! love, Beth

Tonya Gunn said...

So beautifully colorful and sure to become a family heirloom - so sweet that you are working on it together.

softearthart said...

Oh so lovely, the colors, wow!!! cheers Marie