Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Plimoth Plantation

This is the English village at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

It is a living history museum peopled by interpreters who pretend to be English settlers of the 1620's. It is fascinating to learn about the Pilgrims by questioning these knowledgeable people.

You can explore the reproduction buildings.

Every cottage has a mortar and pestle for grinding corn. The Pilgrims had ground corn with every meal. You can grind parched corn with your child at home to see how much work that is. We did a tutorial about it a couple of weeks ago on Acorn Pies.

The cottages have dirt floors, reed thatched roofs, and mud-daubed walls.

This is a reproduction candlestick/oil lamp. You could put trane oil (cod liver oil) into each of the two wells and have a candle lit, too. My son and I showed readers how to make an olive oil lamp on Acorn Pies recently.

This is a chamber pot.

Beds had hangings for warmth. Windows were covered with oiled paper. Mattresses were stuffed with goose down or straw.

Men and women both wore felt hats outdoors and wool clothing year round. There were few sheep at Plimoth in the beginning, and no spinning wheels or looms. Women clothed their families using imported cloth which they sewed. Drop spindles were used to make yarn for knitting.

Women covered their hair with a coif, and wore knitted pockets for carrying scissors, fire starters, or needle and thread.

Men wore a leather purse.

This man is showing us some little wooden bottles used to keep gunpowder dry.

My son and I have been experimenting with natural dyes, and it was interesting to examine the clothing and to see the gorgeous color combinations.

This is a bread oven made of clay and protected from rain by a little wooden roof.

The interiors of the cottages were dark, so many of my pictures are shadowy.


acte gratuit said...

We got to visit Plimoth a few years ago when we lived in Rhode Island. My boys thought it was great fun (even though it was November and freezing!)

It was great to visit again via this post! Thanks!
--Emily in Japan

Jorgelina said...

Great to visit! fantastic post!

Grace said...

I would love to visit here. Your photos are wonderful-

sarah in the woods said...

We'll be learning about Plimoth next week. The kids will enjoy seeing this post.

salley mavor said...

These are some great photos of the Plantation. I was glad to see my son's friend from his Waldorf School days (in mustard colored outfit) playing the part of a settler. It looks like you had a good visit!

Beth said...

Wow, Salley!!!!! That's so great that you know one of interpreters. They are such a knowledgeable bunch. It was a great visit. I love living history museums. love, Beth

onegoldensun said...

Such nice photos! It looks like a wonderful place to visit and learn about the history of the early settlement days.