Friday, October 8, 2010

Troll My Dame

Troll My Dame is a marble game which you play with targets. It is one of the games which we know children played at Plimoth, the early English settlement in North America.

In the picture above, from Kate Waters book, "Sarah Morton's Day," Sarah and her friend Elizabeth play the game between chores. In those days marbles were usually made of clay, and were called "knickers." Sarah calls this toy her knicker box.

We made our own Troll My Dame game from corrugated cardboard which I watercolored. I made the targets wide so that it wouldn't be too difficult for eight year olds, and I put the higher numbers on the outside edge, since if the marble misses, it will roll away. In this picture you can see some reproduction "knickers" from Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum. My son and some of the other children at school loved shooting the marbles they made from modelling dough at the targets. It's fun to compete with a friend.

Keeping a running score is a fun way to practice addition.


Nadja said...

Nicely done, Beth! So, are there a limited number of turns? Does low score or high score win? This seems like a nice rainy day activity. Wish our long hallway wasn't carpeted!

nocton4 said...

great game, what fun xx

Phyllis said...

Oh, how neat! We are going to have to do this. Oh, and I LOVE your header, too.

Shona Cole said...

brilliant Beth. I am totally going to do that with my kids. thank you, as always, for the ideas!!!


Unknown said...

Looks like a very creative game.

Beth said...

The highest score would win, and you can play for as long as it is fun! For those who have woodworking skills, it would be fun to make a set like Sarah's. love, Beth

Prabha @ Learning Unboxed said...

Lovely, what an awesome game to create and play. We are going to do this soon.