Sunday, November 7, 2010

Make a Grass Reindeer

I collected dry grass from the dune. You can use straw left over from fall decorations, of course. Just make sure you use a dry material.

Soak the dry grass overnight to make it pliant and less likely to fray.

You also need scissors and thread. I only had wool yarn on hand, but thread would look much neater.

Separate a handful of soaked grass.

First, tie the back of the reindeer's barrel.

Now, divide the grass in half, and then in half again for the back legs, and tie at the top and bottom and trim the hooves.

Tie the front legs at the top and bottom and trim the hooves.

You need a longer sheaf of grass for the head and antlers than for the tail.

Bend the grass for the neck. Try to make the neck wider at the bottom by spreading it out a little bit.

Tie at the top of the neck and divide the grass in three. Tie the muzzle and spread the straw at the top of the head to make it wider. You may have to tie the muzzle to the top of the neck to keep it tucked down. Trim the nose in a rounded shape. The other two pieces are for the antlers.

Divide each antler into three and braid. Tie. Trim.

Divide the back of the reindeer into enough for a tail, and slightly more grass for the rear.

Braid the tail upwards and tie.

Trim the grass from the rear closely. To help your reindeer dry the way you want, stand it up and prop some magazines close to the hooves, to hold them in position.

When it is dry, you can use it as a free-standing decoration, or you can sew red thread through the bottom of the barrel and up through the top to make a loop for hanging your reindeer on the Christmas tree. Check in the margin for directions on how to make a grass horse, too!


Amanda said...

So clever! These are adorable!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

This is so neat. I remember making "corn husk dolls" as a child on a field trip to a local Native American museum in upstate NY. I think I still have her somewhere. Can't wait to try this!

Linda said...

Eeek, I love this!! And we have the perfect grass to make him. Thank you so much;)

Beth said...

Thanks! Have fun making a grass reindeer. It would probably be nice if he were a fatter reindeer, and not a reindeer who hasn't found any moss to eat recently. love, Beth

Heather said...

This is so perfect for all of our dried Colorado grasses! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial.

wendyytb said...

Very nice! This looks like something I would like to try with my grandson. Thank you!

marcia said...

I just love the reindeer! I'm going to try it with my earth school children :)

happy day!

karen said...

cute! I love its braided antlers

Unknown said...

This is adorable, my youngest will love this, moose is his teddy love,, he loves everything moose/reindeer.

Appleshoe said...

Hello Beth-
This is wonderful! I will be making these as ornaments for our tree. Thank you for the directions. Take care.

Emily said...

This is the same as the Swedish goat that I just talked about in my 2nd graders class today!

pam said...

I am thrilled to find this tutorial! Thank you so, so much for the time and work that went into making it. I have lots of wheat left from fall projects and now I can turn it into reindeer!

This is wonderful! Thank you again!

Sylvie Créative - Créations Ma Déco Maison said...

Really lovely!