Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Chocolate in Morges

As the weak winter sun sank away into the gray mist over Lac Leman in Switzerland, we sought the warmth and glow of Balzac's.

As we waited for our warm drinks, my friend snuggled her daughter, stroking her hair. I smiled. I remember how wonderful it was to hold my daughter in my lap, stroking her smooth, shiny hair. She still asks me to braid it sometimes when she is home from college. I love it.

While my husband worked out our dinner plans on a blackberry, we got ready for hot chocolate.

It was delicious.

It's cold this morning here in New England. I wish I had some of that hot chocolate right now! I hope you are enjoying visiting Acorn Pies this Christmas. I might not post any Christmas crafts this year, beyond the pomander ball. Do you really need more to add to your list of to-do's? I just want to share my own feeling calm and peace with you here on Acorn Pies.


softearthart said...

Mummm, that Hot chocolate smells delicious, cheers Marie

Ariad said...

Hi Beth, I don't ofen comment but I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful craft.
Have a lovely Christmas.

Nicole Vangen said...

Your husband looks a lot like my husband. (SMILE)

I love stopping by your blog.

Namaste, Nicole

Appleshoe said...

Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas Beth. Your blog is a rest stop for me on the busy highway of life. Take care.

Heather said...

Looks like a beautiful way to spend the day.

Beth said...

It makes me feel so cozy looking at the pictures of this happy day again. Thank you so much for commenting! love, Beth

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I loved this. Yes, I remember stroking my boy's curly red hair. He loved it when I did that, but not now. He is a BIG GUY, about 6'4" and not about to let me do it now. But I can dream.


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