Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little House Ornaments

Three tiny friends are getting ready for their monthly potluck. Mrs. Ladybug is making aphid casserole. Mrs. Swallowtail Caterpillar is making fennel cakes. Mrs. Jumping Spider is making fly soup. Each is busy in her own, little tiny home.

This is Mrs. Ladybug's house. Mrs. Ladybug just burnt her finger. Ouch! She needs to mend the hole in her oven mitt.

This is Mrs. Swallowtail Caterpillar's house. The ladies usually meet at her house because her door is largest. Mrs. Swallowtail Caterpillar has been eating as many carrot tops and fennel tops as she can to get as large as possible...doctor's orders.

This is Mrs. Jumping Spider's house. She loves to sit on her stoop watching the world with her beady little eyes. But she is not relaxing. When a little bug flies by, she pounces.

I learned how to make little house ornaments from Pimp Stitch. Click on the title of the posting for the link to the tutorial, which has a downloadable pattern.

This is a little rerun from last November!  I hope you find some time for some cozy crafting before Christmas!  love, Beth


Elizabeth said...

Oh these are just too adorable. Thanks for the link to the pattern and tutorial.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Amanda said...

Those houses are too cute! I love how you add a story to share how adorable they are! Thanks for the link!

S said...

Oh my theye are divine, you are a clever, clever woman! Thank you for sharing. Merry greeting to you. xS

Unknown said...

Hi Beth,
thanks for the link. So cute and so easy to make.

I love your blog :)

best wishes from Germany

Anya said...

Such cute little houses!

peapod said...

Oh wow! These are so adorable :)