Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beautiful Blog Award

My husband was teasing me last night about how much we bloggers love to award one another.  Well, it is true.  We love to encourage one another, don't we?  So I decided to create an award!  It's called the Beautiful Blog Award, and I'm going to pass it on to a few of the blogs I admire! Thank you, Rae, and windingcirclelifeschool, for teaching me how to put text on a photo!

I am giving this award to some of the blogs which inspire me.  They are all quite versatile and unique.  If you decide to accept this award, please tell us about something that inspires you.  I am inspired by color, like the color in this whimsical fabric.

Award as few or as many other blogs as you wish.  I've limited myself to eight, but I could have kept going!  I would like to pass this award onto these blogs, which are all in my blog list:

From Soft Earth's World
Soft Earth's World at softearthart.blogspot.com, because Marie, a needle felter, shares her love and light and beautiful wisdom through her wool creations, her celebration of seasonal rhythms, and through the kind and encouraging comments which she leaves on many of the blogs I read.  I'm inspired each time I visit.  You can read a wonderful post which she wrote for Acorn Pies by clicking on the button to the right called "Light In the World."
From Magic Onions
Donni at Magic Onions, magiconions.blogspot.com.  Donni never seems to run out of ideas for beautiful natural crafts to do with children, and I have been awed by her wonderful series of articles by guest bloggers, "Discovering Waldorf."  Also, thank you so much for all of the encouragement, Donni!

From Gardenmama
Nicole at Garden Mama, gardenmama.typepad.com.  Nicole is an amazing photographer.  Her blog is like a balm.  Children, flowers, magic, wooden toys, good things to eat, nature, storytelling, and a beautiful home to peep into, I cuddle up on the sofa and let it all take me away.  I keep wishing there were a Garden Mama magazine.

From Down In the Meadow
Suzanne at Down in the Meadow, downinthemeadow.blogspot.com.  Suzanne is another sweet and talented person who lets us peep into her beautiful home, with gorgeous photographs of collections, traditions, celebrations, and her creative children.   I also enjoy the topsy-turvy feeling which I get when I visit summer in South Africa on a day when my thermometer reads 15 degrees farenheit!  I wish she could send me some sunshine, right now!

By Salley Mavor
Salley Mavor's blog at weefolk.wordpress.com lets me peer into her fascinating creative process as she creates her very unique needle art illustrations for children's books.  Her new book is "Pocketful of Posies."  The original works which illustrate this book are now on tour and you can check her blog for the schedule.  She is also the author of one of my favorite craft books, "Felt Wee Folk."  She wrote a posting for Acorn Pies about Costume Birthday Parties for children.  Click on the post at right to read it!

By Sharon Lovejoy
Sharon Lovejoy, of "Sharon Lovejoy Writes from a Sunflower House and a Little Green Island." (sharonlovejoy.blogspot.com) is the author of one of my favorite books, "Sunflower Houses," a collection of grown-ups' memories of childhood play in gardens and with flowers.  It has lots of old-fashioned ideas for gardening fun, and I love her sweet watercolor illustrations.  I gave her new book, "Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars," a book about playing and creating in the garden with your grandchildren, to my mother for Christmas.  It's a wonderful book, and now I need a copy!

From Farmama
 Farmama and her family run an organic farm.  Her fascinating blog at farmama.typepad.com follows the family's year as they care for the earth on their small farm, striving for sustainability, what they plant and harvest, the chores, the animals, the spinning, knitting, sewing, construction, and the adventures of the farm boys and their little sister.  I love it.

From Aspiring Homemaker
 Last but not least, I would like to honor Mia, a home-schooled girl who creates the blog Aspiring Homemaker at aspiring-homemaker.blogspot.com.  Mia's blog has an otherworldly feel.  She and her family have created a peaceful home outside of the mainstream, in a little cottage surrounded by gardens in the Southern United States, where Christian faith, respect, simplicity and modesty reign.  I admire the margins full of vintage photographs, Mia's own gorgeous photography, and her evident love for her family.

Marcia, from childinharmony.com gave me an award, recently.  Thank you Marcia!  Maybe we should join The Mutual Admiration Society!  I love your poems and photographs and enjoy watching what you and the children create at the Earth School!  I hope we meet one day.  It's altogether possible, since we are both New Englanders.  I also want to thank Sara, Hallie, Nadja, and Phyllis for the awards which they gave me this past year.  I finally put them up on Acorn Pies.  Thank you so, so much for the encouragement.


Jessica said...

When you upload your photos to your computer there should be something in the camera software that will allow you to "insert text" onto the photo.My camera is a canon powershot and the "insert text" is under "edit". When in there you can pick the colour and the font you want for your writing.Good luck:)
I think this is a wonderful idea, blogs a such a source of insperation its a good idea to be able to give back!

sarah in the woods said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful blogs!

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

those are all REALLY great blogs!

gardenmama said...

Thank you dear Beth for sharing this award with me, it is an honor to read your thoughts on my blog as I respect you as a creative and inspiring artist and lover of nature! xo

softearthart said...

Dear Beth, many thanks for the lovely award. I am inspired by Mother Nature, she touches me and lights my world, she feeds and protects me, she nourishes my soul. love and light Marie

suzanne said...

Dear Beth

I am here at last..Thank you Beth for your kind words about my blog. I am itching to start posting again but with a few problems still being sorted out, hopefully soon. I agree with Nicole ...Beth not only do you inspire creatively, you are such a wonderful Mother. You do so many wonderful activites with your children and in turn with all your easy to follow tutorials, help us too...Thank you to you!

Lots of love

tree said...

Thank you for sharing these amazing blogs! Several of them i already follow, but i have a few news to go explore! i can not wait!