Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get Cozy

 Outside, the sun is rising on the beautiful snow covered trees.

Icicles are twinkling.

Inside, the hyacinth is beginning to smell wonderful.

 Coffee is brewing.  It's cozy.
 How do you like to get cozy on these frosty winter days?


Andréann said...

I make a lot of soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate... Anything that I can drink/eat off a mug-bowl :D

those yarns are yummy! makes me think of popcycles

etolie said...

i make some hot chocolate and settle into my favorite cozy chair and read to my hearts content...i love your blog ideas...Brightest blessings for a wonderful 2011...e*

Beth said...

Dear Andreann and Etolie, You know how to get cozy! love, Beth

Unknown said...

Beth your photos are lovely, I love your snow lantern form the previous post. A delicious cup of hot chocolate and snuggle with my two little boys.