Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make a Snow Lantern

We're snowed in today!  A nor'easter is blowing through.  No school, fathers and mothers home, cookies in the oven, fires in the hearth, soup for lunch, shoveling the walk and driveway, snowball fights and snowmen!  It's great!  If you're snowed in, you might want to make a snow lantern tonight.  It's magic.  This is a re-run from last winter:

The first snow lantern was built out of snowballs in a bee skep shape and had a candle inside. But then my boy had a wonderful idea, and started to turn it into an igloo by adding an entrance tunnel. I love to make things with him. We have fun sparking one another's creativity.


Grace said...

FUN! And that photograph captures it all so perfectly.

Gabriele Kubo said...

Beth, your creativity is not only sparkling, but shooting and blooming and gleaming and ,,,,not enough words for it!
I am so astonished to read nearly day after day about your amazing ideas and the more amazing: how you turn them into reality!!
You are awesome!

marcia said...

how GLORIOUS!!!!

happy day happy snow!

love marcia

Beth said...

Dear Gabriele,

Thanks!!!! Wow! I feel energized and inspired! Marcia....another snow day tomorrow? Sledding!! love, Beth

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

it looks very magical! I love it. I wish we had more snow than ice, it lends itself to a lot more fun!

Appleshoe said...

Snow days are magical and yours sound like a cut above the rest. Have fun!

Erica said...

We just read about a snow lantern in Children of the Noisy Village (where my daughter and I want to live!) I'll show her this photo when she gets home today!

Lisa said...


Picture is worth a thousand words and then some.

Thank you for this contemplative moment.

Courtney said...

Thats so pretty and a really neat idea... I love your blog!