Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue and White

 Do you find yourself craving color this time of year?  I do, which is why I have been posting about color so much recently.  This is a celebration of blue and white!

 Blue and white is contemporary.

This vase was handblown by my daughter.

Blue and white is traditional.

This needlepoint is by Sara Nelson.

 Blue and white is natural.  It is the color of the water, the foam, and the shore.

It is the color of the sky and the clouds.  It makes us think of days outdoors, the open sea, and fresh air.  No wonder we find blue and white so calming and blissful.  Do you like blue and white?  How do you use blue and white at your house?


Nicole Vangen said...

Beautiful photos of blue and white Beth. You have reminded me to slow down and enjoy the colors today.

Namaste, Nicole

Linda said...

Lovely colour Beth:)

Beth said...

Thanks, Nicole and Linda! love, Beth

Francesca said...

I'm sorry to strike on a different note but here in Wildcat country blue and white are UNH colors! I moved here from Italy last end of Summer and my husband teaches at UNH so even my 5 year old learnt it pretty fast.... anyway, the sky is not yet blue after this morning's snow but the sun is coming. Then it will be white and blue!!!

Kris said...

Whenever I travel, I try to pick up some tiles from that country. I plan on making a tile mosaic when we are moved into our new house. I have several beautiful blue and white tiles from Portugal and Amsterdam. There is something I love about blue and white porcelain as well. So classic! I don't own any yet, but someday!


Beth said...

Dear Francesca, Go UNH! love, Beth

Beth said...

Dear Kris,

I love blue and white tiles. Have you ever seen pictures of the blue and white kitchen at Giverny, Monet's home in France? It was believed that blue and white repelled flies! love, Beth

Appleshoe said...

Lovely post. Your posts always seem to take my "blues" away. It's funny but now that I'm thinking about it, there aren't many blue things in our home. Take care.

Amanda said...

Blue and white are classic, clean, warming cool and lovely! I loved this visual feast! Thank you Beth!


Beth said...

Thanks, Amanda! love, Beth

woolies said...

Your blues and whites are just beautiful, totally enjoyed, must go look at each again!


Nadja said...

I am a big fan of blue and white! Once upon a time, it was definitely cobalt blue and white. Then it became sort of a royal blue. Now green is edging in and I find I like the freshness of a robin's egg blue with white...!

Pretty photos, Beth! You ought to put together a color album for children!

Lada cu minuni said...

Nice photos! Recently, I made something white and blue. It' s a crochet milieu!

Beth said...

I'm going to go see what a crochet milieu is......! are most certainly a color girl, with your sensitive descriptions of the blues you like. Do you like to wear them or put them in your house?

Thanks, Sara! I'm finding the look of blue skies very heartening. love, Beth

amy said...

I have a teeny little tile hanging in my bathroom. It's a white background with a blue picture of three people skipping rope. A little girl is in the middle, and the two figures on the sides are bigger--aunt and mother, maybe? Older sisters? It's very sweet and I've had it for more than 15 years, if I'm doing my math right, since I had my first all-my-own apartment. And it has always hung in a bathroom.

I also have blue and white everyday dishes. For some reason I think dishes should be those two colors!

Beth said...

Hi, Amy, We have blue and white dishes, too! love, Beth

marcia said...

LOVE your pictures! I crave color! Can't wait until the earth blooms!

I am not a blue and white person although I find it soothing and can appreciate it.

The few blues I have are mixed with a warm blue mixed in a quilt of reds and pinks. I colorwashed an old chair blue...but then added some yellow on it hahaha.

I am in awe of blue skies and blue oceans though.

I'll bet my bedroom would look great with blues...considering it has natural wood floor, walls and ceiling :)

happy day!