Monday, February 28, 2011

Blue Journey

Photo by Anushka at Journey Blog

Visit Anushka at Journey for a beautiful feast of blue today!  Anushka and her family live in St. Maarten.  Where I live right now, the black limbs of the trees are dripping cold rain onto the dirty, frozen snow.  The sky is dull gray.  Where Anushka lives, there are deep blue skies with white castles of clouds, sparkling azure seas, sunlight shining through blue patterned curtains and onto a little hand going into a blue dress pocket.  Blue, blue, cool, summery blue, you make me want to sing! Thank you for bringing us the joy of blue today, Anushka!  love, Beth

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marcia said...

Ahhhh total deliciousness, Beth! Just what I needed for thios gloomy Monday.

happy day!

Beth said...

Dear Marcia,

It is just what I needed today, too! Beth

nunu said...

love your words beth! i'm always happy to share the beautiful caribbean blue on my blog. what will become of it when we move in two months? enjoy it while it lasts. i sure am!
p.s. that's my big hand going into an apron pocket. : )
p.p.s. thank you for linking to me - i am totally flattered.