Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilt Top

I recently got rid of all the colors I don't like in my fabric stash.

It's hard to give away art or craft materials, but I feel lighter.  I kept what I love, and to me, it looks glorious. Just looking at the stash gives me ideas.
 My studio looks messy now, in the aftermath of assembling the crazy log cabin quilt. 

I don't mind this kind of mess.  It's messy the way a flower garden is messy.

 I think this quilt is about the balance of order and disorder.  The colors in the squares are having a party together.  The red grid holds all the lively mess together, and allows each square to do its individual dance.  In this picture you see the strips we decided to add to the edges, to make the quilt bigger.

Here is the finished crazy quilt top.  Yesterday I sewed a layer of luscious red minky to the back.  It is as soft as kitten fur.

Next week I will baste the layers together and start to quilt it using a combination of hand quilting and machine quilting.


marcia said...

Absolute deliciousness!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Those are my kinds of colors...they uplift and energize me.

I love your description about each square is doing its individual dance.

happy day!
love marcia

FrugalMaman said...

What a glorious celebration of colour! No-one could be uncheered by such a quilt.

Amanda said...

its been such a treat to watch this little quilting love story come together!

much love,

Beth said...

Dear Marcia,

I've heard you say how much you like these colors before. Do you wear them, or use them in your home? Beth

Beth said...

FrugalMaman, Thanks! I feel cheerful just thinking about these colors. Beth

Beth said...

Thanks, Amanda! You always have something so nice to say! love, Beth

Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

The first time I visited your blog was over a year ago, and it was a post about this quilt. The colors and combos blew me away.
I have been coming back regularly since then. I am so inspired by this quilt. It is the first time that making one has seemed an attainable goal to me. (And my sister is an amazing quilter, so that is saying something!)
I never would have chosen such bright, vibrant colors myself. But, I am sold. It is absolutely gorgeous.
Someday I will have enough materials that I love collected so that I, too, can make one.

Juise said...

Oh, it's just gorgeous! I love the playful colours, and I never would have guessed you added the strips to make it bigger, they look as though they belong there. You almost make me want to make a quilt. Almost ;)

Lilyshaw said...

I love it, very clever use of fabric - disorder can be good!