Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Baby's Busy Day

 It's a busy day and there is so much to do!  I need to blow some bubbles,

clear twigs out of a crack in the pavement,

arrange the gravel,

check for holes in the wall,

touch the flowers,

 give full attention to a lollipop,
 inspect a dead tree and
 an old stump, 

take five in Mommy's arms,

 do play dough with the big children,

check out a toy Daddy had when he was a little boy,

do lunch,

help Mommy sweep the kitchen floor,

read a book without sitting down,

and take a power nap.
After my nap, I'm in such a hurry to get back to work, I don't have time to put on any pants.  What a busy, busy day!


catching caterpillars said...

ahhh yes, to be a little one again! so fun to explore!

marcia said...

yes! That's why we need to look to the children... and incorporate that wonder in our adult appreciate the little things and look at everything in a new light :)

happy day!

nunu said...

what a cute ending! i get busy like that sometimes when i stay home all day. : ) what an adorable nephew you have and he's so lucky to have an aunt who takes such close notice of him.

Francesca said...

Oh, blissful age...and what nice photos. Me and my son like to look at these description of yours (especially the child of nature and the pirate party). Thanks for sharing!

tinsenpup said...

I have a similarly busy little one who rarely has time for trivialities such as pants. Hula skirts however are another matter entirely...

Beth said...

I so agree, Marcia! Babies are busy all day if they have the freedom to move about, and never bored. There is so much to learn and do! love, Beth

Beth said...

Dear Tinsenpup, I love the ways babies dress! They are so funny! And very serious about it all. love, Beth

Beth said...

Dear Francesca,

You might like some of my other stories, like the Monkey Twins, or the Owlets. love, Beth

Beth said...

Dear Anushka, I feel lucky I got to spend a few days with some of my nieces and my nephew over vacation, to learn about their every day life. love, Beth