Monday, March 28, 2011

Gabriele's Flower Color Journey

Flowers Arranged by Gabriele of naturalinjapan
 I am thinking about my friend Gabriele these days, and some of our friends from Sendai.  Gabriele is from Chigasaki, Japan and lived near a crippled nuclear plant.  She and her family of two children have left their home forever and moved south out of the danger zone.  She is ensconced with her husband's family as they wait and try to decide what to do next.  This is what she wrote yesterday in her comment on her blog naturalinjapan:

Dear Beth, it is hell, as nobody cant decide anything, cant guess anything, cant say anything, its a time without a future. Worries dont finish, we cant start cleaning up, cant start mourning, cant start hoping,just staring paralyzed at Fukushima, its more stressful as the tsunami or the quake, because those actually finished. Only these 2 terrible events would have resulted in activity, in sad activity, but in activity, not into this unbearable waiting, into this seemingly endless fear. nothing left than praying.

Can you imagine?  Pray for my friend, Gabriele, and her family, and Japan.  In honor of her and her adopted country, I am linking to Gabriele's wonderful post for Acorn Pies, "A Flower Color Journey."  Gabriele designs and teaches flower arranging, and even has a book out about how to arrange flowers sensitively, by closely observing color detail.  Click on the title of this post to read it. 

We are thinking of you and your beautiful Japan, Gabriele.


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing her link Beth. I can't imagine what must be going on in their hearts and souls. Overwhelming is an understatement. Heading to her blog now.

nunu said...

this is so heartbreaking to read your friend's words. i will pray for her and her family. sending her light right now.

Appleshoe said...

Words can not say what the heart is crying, but our prayers go out. Take care.

Beth said...

Dear Appleshoe, Anushka, and Lisa,

Thank you for sending prayers and encouragement and sympathy to Gabriele! love, Beth

Amanda said...

As soon as I saw the photo I knew which post you were going to be talking about. The journey of colors has stayed with me since I first read it, all that time ago. What a beautifully talented woman.

My deepest desire is for her family to find healing.

Beth said...

Hi, Amanda,

You always have such kind things to say and I'm sure Gabriele will feel your wishes. love, Beth

Gabriele Kubo said...

Dearest Beth, dear Lisa, dear Anushka, dear Appleshoe, dear Amanda,
it is only today that I could read your postings, and I am so so touched by all your love and prayers! I am sure they took us on their wings through these horrible days of sorrow and panic. Thank you all so much!!
Me and the kids are now in Germany, my husband gave the flights to me as an early birthday present. He himself stayed back, taking over responsibility. I am very grateful for this very special present! Souls are healing here, as the actual threat is not hovering above us, our family here and friends are relieved to see us and we gain up with sleep. Things start looking brighter and we tank up hope. We try to live day by day, as no planning is possible. We are more than aware that we are very very lucky persons, our whole admiration is now with the people in Tohoku and especially inside the Fukushima plant. Hat off for each of them.
Again, thank you so so much for your wings of love!!! Japan needs our prayers and our strength now.