Friday, April 1, 2011

Lovely Lovey

 Look at this beautiful little lovey which my friend designed and created for her four year old daughter!  It is made of soft cotton flannel decorated with little stars. I love the way my friend used different colors of embroidery thread in different areas.  I adore the sparkling eyes and sweet expression.  I also like the size.  It is just the right size for a small hand to grip around the waist.

I once visited a doll museum full of very elaborate and valuable dolls from different times in history and different countries, in Shelburne, Vermont.  The dolls and automata were all creepy, with their frozen faces and staring eyes.  There was only one doll I liked.  It was the simple cloth one which had been created by a mother for her daughter.  It was beautiful.  Love adds something indescribable to handmade things, something you can see and feel.


amy said...

We decided Santa would bring our 2yo daughter a little Waldorf-inspired cloth doll. Then I saw a cute pattern for a knit one and decided I wanted to knit it, just because, so she got both for Christmas. Guess which one she plays with ALL the time? She also has a Waldorf baby bunting one I made for her from a kit, when I was pregnant with her, and I sewed a mermaid for my son at the same time. I've knit them animals, too--the knit dog is one of my son's favorites. Of course I think they feel the love! And it has almost always been my desire to make things for my children that has spurred me to learn new hand-crafting skills.

Beth said...

Dear Amy,

Toys made with love for your own children....the best toys of all!!!! love, Beth

Francesca said...

You're both right. My James knows the love I put in everything I make for him, although he has (too) many toys. Thank goodness most of the were left in Italy last Summer. He hasn't been looking for them that much...but back to the lovey: cute and what a cure little girl!!!