Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is the beautiful Lavaux wine region on Lac Leman.  It is a World Heritage site.

This area has been continuously occupied since prehistory.  Romans may have planted the first vines.  Cistercian monks built many of the terraces and stone walls about a thousand years ago.

And this is Riex, a beautiful medieval town in the middle of the Lavaux.

It was a hot day when we visited, and the village was shuttered and very still.

Every where we go in Switzerland, we find cool fountains.  As long as there is no sign saying, "Eau non potable," you can drink from the spout,

or make boats out of flowers.

My boy chased, and caught, a lizard.

My husband and I went to Riex on Friday night, and tasted Riex wines sitting on a little terrace below the ancient clock tower.  Then we strolled to Epesse, and had dinner on a terrace overlooking gardens and vineyards below.  I glowed with happiness.  Hills of ripe grapes, beautiful old buildings, the sun sinking over the lake and mountains, my husband's warm hand in mine, tasting the wine which comes from this very soil.  I want everyone I love to experience this, too.


Rosemary said...

Dear Beth - Lovely images and sentiments. When you move somewhere so beautiful you feel as if you are on one long holiday.

Beth said...

Exactly how I feel.....(you have been living in those kind of places, too, Rosemary!) And what is wonderful, as well, is that our apartment has such a great view that it feels like something we would see on vacation! love, Beth

nunu said...

just lovely! and from your comments - a view is worth it's weight in gold! we experienced the amazing feeling of having a vacation view while living in st. maarten. this time around we didn't get the view - and boy do we miss it!

Beth said...

Oops, sorry, Anushka. I got you mixed up with Rosemary. You're the one living in beautiful places....(I hope Rosemary is, too.) Beth

Appleshoe said...

oh my.. These are just beautiful. I would love to see Riex one day. Take care.

softearthart said...

Wonderful pictures Beth, one certainly gets the feel and captures the essence of these moments. cheers Marie

Francesca said...

It is really beautiful! How does your son like his new environment?

Beth said...

Thank you, Marie and Appleshoe, and Francesca! My child seems very happy and well settled already! We like it. He loves mountain climbing, too, and seems to have just as much stamina as I, maybe more. love, Beth