Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hiking Near Les Avants

 I want this house.

 My husband is using an app on his iphone.  He and my son wanted to see if this beautiful water trough was level.

I love finding out where Centaurea Montana grows wild.  We're going to come back to these meadows next spring to see the wild narcissus.

 Doesn't this look like a nice place to stroll?  Well........

 Actually, it was scary.  There was a cliff on one side.  We had to hold on to a wire in some places where it was especially steep, and the path particularly narrow.

 My husband showed my son how to click his fingers that day.

 I got to taste my first beechnuts.  Where we lived in Rhode Island, the beechnuts were always hollow.  Perhaps they were never pollinated.

 Do you recognize this nut?  I'd love to know what it is.

 My boy is demonstrating how important chocolate is during our hikes.  He's having Kinderschokolade.  It has a milk filling, which I guess is supposed to make parents feel like it's healthy!


Nadja said...

I grew up on Kinderschokolade! The type that came in the form of a hollow egg used to have really good prizes inside, but eventually they got cheap.

Do you know what I really miss? Schokolinsen (chocolate lentils). Like big M&Ms with a peppermint shell. I could eat heaps of those!

Rosemary said...

Hi Beth - those nuts are European walnuts which have a smooth outer green skin as opposed to the American Black walnuts which have a rough green skin.

Francesca said...

Kinder!!! Italian children get too much of this and they trade the prizes, actually adults too, they're kind of collector's items. Yeah, the nut is a walnut. In my area we used to go pick them up around St. John to make a local liquor called , very appropriately, nocino (walnut= noce). But they had to be green!

nunu said...

i grew up on kinderschokolade too! my mom just came for a visit and brought some for ezra just like my grandmother used to do - and i swear she said, "there's milk in it. it's good for you!" lol... my mom also eats haribo gummy bears everyday. i kid you not. wow. your pictures are so wonderful. i've only been to switzerland once in my life, but feel like i'm getting to relive it a little with your pictures. i want that house too.

Beth said...

Okay, Nadja, I'm looking for schokolinsen next!!! Francesca...I didn't know you get get prizes. I have been buying boxes of the mini bars. I'm going to have to buy a bigger one to see what you're talking about! funny that your mother said that kinderschokolade is good for you! I like her garibo gummy bear regimen. My regimen is chocolate. I take it for medicinal reasons. (!) Rosemary and Francesca, thank you for telling me about the European walnut. I enjoyed learning that people make a liquer out of them. love, Beth