Sunday, November 6, 2011

Campfire Baked Apples

 We climbed from a parking lot near the Auberge de Sonchaux, which is already closed for the season, to a wonderful lookout on the mountain above.  We gathered firewood, which some park workers had helpfully piled up nearby just for that purpose.

 My boy whittled some tinder from some dry kindling.  Unlike in the picture above, we piled the kindling log cabin style to make our fire.  (See How to Make a Campfire, in the column to the right.)

 My husband got it going wonderfully well.  He had some Alpine dried beef on baguette for lunch.  My boy and I toasted some gruyere cheese on baguette next to the fire.  The cheese didn't melt, but the bread got hot and crunchy.

 When we had some good embers, we put in the apples for baking.  I had prepared them at home.  I dug out the middle of some baking apples using a knife, (leaving the bottom intact.)  I filled the cavity with some crumbled homemade sugar cookies and some plain tasting cookies (like English digestive biscuits,) from the store, and some butter.  You could also use wheat germ, or crumbled bread,  or oatmeal, and then butter and brown sugar.  Don't add sugar if the filler is sweet.  I wrapped them upright in a double layer of aluminum foil, sealed them tightly, and made a little handle out of a pinch of foil at the top.

While the apples baked, and we started to hear some sizzling, my boy used a magnifying glass to melt some gummy bears on a piece of foil.

 I think we waited about fifteen or twenty minutes.  I gave a hot apple a little squeeze with my pot holder.  It was soft enough to eat.  We let them cool on the edge of the fire for a few minutes, until we could touch the foil without getting burned.

 The apples had collapsed, making a tasty and juicy mess, with the cookies in the middle.

 I remembered to bring forks to eat them with.  There were some dark brown spots on the skin of my apple, but I ate the whole thing.  It was delicious.  And there were some sweet juices to drink in the bottom of the foil, too.

 It was so beautiful up there.  I want to go into the mountains every weekend for the rest of my life.

 We watched clouds roll in to the valley from Lac Leman, far below.

 We walked further up the mountain a ways after putting out the fire.  I am always behind.  I like to stop to take pictures.  Look at the beautiful little ferns growing from between the rocks below.

We walked up to a cave we knew about.  It was farther away than we thought.  In this picture, I think my husband is trying to get my boy to go into the cave, saying something like,  "Bears aren't hibernating yet, at this time of year.  At least, I don't think they are."

We went inside about 40 feet, lighting matches.  It felt like an adventure!  Next time, we are going to bring flashlights and go a little bit further.

Then, as the light started to fade, we went home again.


Cammie said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL post! Mmm, I love the fall. And the Swiss fall looks so lovely. That first picture is gorgeous!! I hope I get to visit you in the fall, someday...


Cammie said...
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Unknown said...

Lovely photos and what a wonderful cave...I can't help but think about the "we're going on a bear hunt" story with that picture :)

Rosemary said...

Dear Beth - what a delightful day out in the mountains, and such lovely photos. Your son with have lasting memories of his time in the mountains, making fires, cooking and looking for bears.

nunu said...

oh what lovely alpine adventures you are having! these memories will never fade. it is so lucky your boy gets to be on this adventure and remember these great things. i love the wood carving and apples, but melting gummy bears with a magnifying glass is so cool!

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh...I have to try cooking apples in our fire pit out back! I never thought about doing that..and the idea of hollowing out the apple to fill with crumbled cookies, butter and brown sugar, well, that is just pure genius in my book! My husband will love that idea..he loves to cook over the fire. We have recently bought a cast iron dutch oven and have been trying our hand at some cooking in it outside in our fire pit. I want to do some blog posts on that. Both of my boys are in older boy who is 13 will do winter camping in January with the Scouts and I am definitely going to reccomend the apple idea for his troop. The boys make up their own menu so it won't be a problem, I know they will get a kick out of it!

I love your photos of the mountains...absolutely beautiful! You are so blessed to get to see that scenery! Also, that, that would be neat to check out..and scary too! It's pretty cool how the opening of the cave is exactly rounded and the perfect "cave-like" entrance that you imagine a cave to look like.

I enjoyed this post...happy Monday!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, Beth...and I want to go into the mountains every weekend for the rest of my life too (after studying these wonderful photos). Your boy is so lucky to have you as a Mom...and you are so lucky to have your boy.

Hoping you are filled with joy,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

snow white said...

Wow what a wonderful adventure, it looks beautiful in the mountains.