Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Crafts on Acorn Pies

Make an Advent Wreath
Make a Pine Cone Swag
Make a Wooden Robot Ornament
Make a Grass Reindeer
Make a Tea Cozy
Make a Lovey
Make a Snow Child Toy
Make a Fall Swag
Make a Pomander Ball with a Small Child

While replenishing my links I came up with some good Christmas Crafts.  Catholics among you will want to try the Advent wreath.  A pine cone swag makes a beautiful decoration for the house, and small children can help make it.  Children can also make wooden ornaments, like the robot my son made last year.  Grown-ups can tackle a grass reindeer ornament, or make a tea cozy as a very special present.  A lovey or a snow child would make wonderful handmade presents for someone you love.  Tiny children can make a pomander ball with help from a parent, and both child and parent will feel tranquilized (in a good way) after doing it.  A pomander ball is a sweet-smelling present which can be from a child.  Americans looking for a great Thanksgiving craft the whole family can do together, check out the Fall Swag.  It's gorgeous, easy, and fun, and I've been using mine for about 10 years!  Lots other Fall and Winter crafts I've listed would also be fun at Christmas is you are looking for some handmade fun.  See links in the right hand column.


Bonnie said...

We are most definitely going to make pomanders this season! I have fond memories of the one my mother made when I was a child. I remember that thing still smelled good for years! She filled the entire surface of the orange with cloves except for the space where she had a red satin ribbon that criss-crossed the orange and then formed a loop at the top for hanging. I remember unwrapping the pomander year after year every had completely dried and was very light in weight. I'm not quite sure how my mom got it to dry out completely and stay in tact, but she did.

I love your pine cone swag. I have to go hunt for some. Believe me, we have plenty of pines in Pennsylvania, but not a single pine tree on our property. I grew up on a private road called Pine Acre funny to think, we had pine cones for the taking back then!

Fiona said...

What a timely post. Tonight my youngest finally couldn't fit into her absolute favorite Winter pajamas anymore - my baby got big....

She has gone to sleep in an alternative pair of pj's with her favorite red flannel pair beside her. I was trying to come up with a way to use her old pj's, and I think a 'lovey' might be in order.
What a brilliant idea - I am sure Emily will think so too.

Thanks Beth.

Carla said...

I just found your blog and am so happy I did! Your wonderful crafts for children brings back memories of my childhood growing up in No. Wisconsin. I remember visiting a Great Aunt that showed us how to make birch boxes. We also had birch canoes that were made by local Indians. Thank you so much for these wonderful memories. I will be back time and time again.

Beth said...


That sounds like such a wonderful idea. I bet it will be very well loved and snuggly. What kind of shape are you going to do? Beth

Beth said...

What nice memories, Bonnie. My mother made wonderful and labor intensive pomander balls, too. But even if a child only puts a few cloves in, the clementine will still dry out fine and smell good! Have fun doing a pine cone swag! Beth

Beth said...

Oh, Carla! I wish I could learn how to make a birchbark canoe or box! I'm glad you visited Acorn Pies today. Beth