Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Native American Crafts on Acorn Pies

I have been replenishing my links and have put up some Native American crafts from the Acorn Pies archives for those of you interested in doing Native American crafts with children at home or at school or with scouts.  Check out the right hand column for instructions on How to Make a Trail Kettle, How to Make a Paper Model of a Trail Kettle, Grinding Corn, and Bead Weaving with Children.  Have fun!


Fiona said...

I particularly love the bead wearing. I will have to give it try with the girls.
Did you know there is an Indian Museum in Gossau, ZH? It is a private collection that is open to the public, and is actually very good. Lots to see, plus workshops for kids.
Their website seems to be down right now, but the details are here:

Beth said...

Dear Fiona,

Thank you for the tip about the museum. It sounds wonderful. Are you in the German speaking area? Beth

Fiona said...

Dear Beth,

Yes we are in the German speaking part. We live far enough south of Zurich to be in the 'country'!