Thursday, December 15, 2011

Talk to Your Kids About Art School

Look at this great new campaign for art school, which encourages families to "talk" about art school using imagery and language reminiscent of the DARE anti-drug program.  Click on the title of the post or google to see more of the campaign!


Bonnie said...

wow, that's interesting!

KeLLy aNN said...

lol, That's Brill!
Wonder where the egg is???

Beth said...

Isn't it clever? I love it!!!!! Beth

Juise said...

Lol, that's terrific! My brother went to CCS, and I visited it much and even got a scholarship to attend. I decided to start at community college until I could make sure I would.. er.. finish things and turn them in before paying out the big bucks to fail at a large art school.

Well... I have never been very good at finishing projects before starting 5 more.... *crawl under table*

Beth said...

Hi, Juise! I didn't go to art school either, and I don't think it's a problem, unless they teach you how to promote yourself in art school, something at which I am pathetic. So just keep being an artist, Juise! Beth

Rosemary said...

I believe that artist are born not made. My youngest son could draw from the moment he held a pencil. When he started school he could already draw in profile and was amazed at the other children's drawings. He said their drawings of people looked liked balloons with sticks for arms and legs.

Wild Maple Wool said...

Oh that is sooo funny! I love it! How great, and such a an amazing thing to go to if given the oppertunity. Art school, totally awesome!

I lovelovelove your blog, love coming here!

Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Beth,

I LOVE this. Odd coincidence, my granddaughter Sara May and I have been talking about art school. At age nine she is addicted to drawing and creating. WONDERFUL! She told me two days ago that she is going to be an artist and art teacher. I feel great that she is thinking of that.

If you visit my newest posting you will see the scarecrow she drew while I was working in the studio. She has her own area in my studio and loves to be there with me.

Love to you and yours,


Sanne said...

everything ok?

wondering where you are, hopefully you just fall into winters sleep.

Thank you for your blog and sharing it with us!



melissaczca said...

Beth, I'm missing your posts and hoping all is well in your world. Melissa

Sanne said...

spring is just around the corner!
hopefully everything is ok or will be better soon!