Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Crafts on Acorn Pies

Spring is coming in Switzerland and it is time to do some spring crafts.  Some of them involve getting out in the woods, even though it is still chilly and there are only bits of green to be seen.  You can click on links to these crafts in the column to the right, or do a search if it is no longer spring on Acorn Pies.

Spring Printmaking
Make a Bow and Arrow
How to Make a Swedish Maypole
Make a Paper Boat
Make a Spring Skirt
Make a Comet Throw Toy

Get out in the puddles, the woods, the meadows and the playground, and have fun!  love, Beth


Sharon Lovejoy said...


One of the things I most adore about you is your zest for nature. Oh, and your sharing of it, oh, and your art work, your courage...



Beth said...

Thanks, Sharon!!! love, Beth

Kayli said...

Yes, I like Murten a lot too. We have gone several times now.

Your blog is such an inspiration- I read since before you moved to Switzerland and when you said you were moving here I was so excited!

My husband's postdoc is in biomedical engineering, specifically, medical robotics. They have developed a robot that drills a hole into the head behind the ear to insert cochlear implants. Pretty cool stuff. :)


Phyllis said...

We just made your little basket idea. Thank you!

cathy@home said...

Great idea bow and arrow, maybe a Robin Hood Picnic.

Laura said...

Found your blog googling whittling for boys. It's great! We homeschool and I'm always on the lookout for wholesome fun stuff for my kids (trying to tame the media monster...they'd watch tv all day if I let them!) Love this post on sticks, found it to be so true. In fact, just now I dumped out some old water on our deck and my son complained that I'd dumped it all over his stick collection (kept under the deck unbeknownst to me). Thanks for the ideas! We're doing bow and arrows this afternoon. :)