Monday, June 11, 2012

Debbie Schramer's Fairy Houses

Photo by Debbie Schramer
 I was roaming around on pinterest and found pictures which led me to Debbie Schramer's blog, Beautiful Art.  She and her husband are artists, and they create fairy houses and castles together.

Photo by Debbie Schramer
Go see!  It's amazing.  The link below will lead you to a wonderful posting of Debbie's about hobbit houses, huts, and fairy homes for full-grown people!


Cal said...

Those are amazing!

Lilyshaw said...

So beautiful!

Beth said...

Yes, Cal and Lilyshaw! I'm amazed, too! It makes me want to build things out of little finds in the forest, too. Today I explored a forest with my daughter where there are many potential dwelling places for little forest people. Beth