Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hike With a Goat

 Here she is, the adventure goat who spent the afternoon hiking with us.

 She joined us as we hiked up the road from Tavayanne to the ski lift above  If my son or anyone else stopped, she would bleat to hurry us along.  She seemed to want the herd to stay together.

 When we got to the meadow at the top, we ate nectarines and apricots.  She ate grass and flowers.

My son said this flower is called "Parrot's Nest," because the individual yellow flowers look like parrots.

 I wanted to keep her.

I first saw Tavayanne in the winter on a snowshoeing trip.  I couldn't believe how beautiful this little hamlet in the mountains was, with five feet of snow on the rooftops, and not a soul to be seen, because it doesn't have electricity.  People only live here in the summer.

 This is part of the dairy farm.  Cows were in the meadow below, and a herd of white homebody goats in a meadow to the left.

Here she is hurrying to rejoin the goat herd.  But she kept looking back at us.  She wanted to go hiking again!  Apparently she does it with visitors all the time!


Lilyshaw said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures, amazing!

Beth said...

Thanks Lilyshaw! The little goat kept me smiling all day! Beth

Bonnie said...

Now that is pretty awesome! Not only did you get to see such beautiful scenery, but you had a great little friend to show you the way...what a great it!!

Bonnie said...

That's just the greatest! Having the goat join you just added to the experience!

Beth said...

We took some people who had never been to Switzerland with us that day. First, the road was blocked by a herd of cows being moved to a different field. I love that kind of traffic jam.....then we were greeted by the goat....It was the perfect Swiss day and the visitors joked that we had planned it that way. Beth